Best of the Classe amp line??? 200/201 - 400/401?

For you Classe heads out there, I'm thinking seriously about integrating a Classe power amp into my system. I did audition a 201, but in another space. Without having to haul in a 301 and a 401, and being unable to listen to a 200, 300 or 400, is there one of these amps whichs stands out with respect to being sweet tubey sounding without the masking of the highs, or does the line have pretty much the same sonic quality in each of the price levels? Yes, I know my results may vary, but more information is better than less.

My other current contenders are a Jeff Rowland Model 10 or a McCormack DNA 2.

Right now:

Audio Innovations L2 tube pre
Adcom GCD 750 CDP
Von Schweikert VR4/5s


DR-9 or the DR-3 and I stupidly sold both of them.....
I have heard the Rowland line and find it to be one of the best. Very honest amps. Cost is a consideration here. The 201 is 1/2 the price of a Rowland Model 10, but then again, the 401 is neck and neck. I owned a McCormack .5 for 5 years, and loved it, but it could not power the bass of the VR4/5s.

Yeah, what a great hobby (addiction).

I own a Classe 301. The 3x1 series (301 or 401) and up are the ones to go for with the improved circuity. The amp is warm, smooth, very creamy with plenty of power reserves. Driven with a good pre, a smooth and effortless signature is the best distinguishing feature of the 301.
I own the 301. I used to believe that all solid state amps sounded the same. I no longer believe that. I agree with the above.