Best of the Best Ofs

What are your favorite "Best Of"/"Greatest Hits" albums? Some seem to have been released at the wane of popularity of the artist(s) to earn a few last bucks. Some artist(s) have mutliple "Best Ofs", each with a few hits and some decided "also-rans". Still others are packed with keepers from one side to the next. Which best is best in your collection?
Tina Turner "simply the best"; Sade "Diamond Life"; The best of Ken Burns Jazz series; Madonna "The immaculate collection"; Elton John DCC gold and The Cars DCC gold are among a few of my favorite best of's.
James Taylor Vol I and II.
Christopher Cross - Best of.
Ry Cooder Film music, Etta James Best Of, Clannad Best Of.
The Best of The Pousette-Dart Band
The Alan Parsons Project "The Definitive Collection"
Tangerine Dream-Dream Sequence
Irmin Schmidt "Filmmusik", "Filmmusik vol 2", "Filmmusik vol 3&4", "Filmmusik vol 5".

Can "Canibalizm 2"

King Crimson "A Young Person's Guide"

Dare to point out that many great artists don't have or even don't want to have "Best of" since there never will be any "Best of..." since "Best of..." means "pop" and pop means fame and famous are forgoten very quickly... Follow..?
Marakanetz, your point that many great artists eschew the opportunity to "Best Of" is a given. Not really sure it equates to "pop" (i.e. Etta) but some do clearly see it as a lessening of stature. On the other hand, some of the collections already posted give great joy to their listeners! :-)
Best of Bread, on vinyl is a super recording, and some really nice music, for soft pop. I was amazed at how good that album was recorded, for way back then. Image and clarity of voice and guitar is very good, and soundstage is well outside both speaker boundaries, for the accompaniment instruments.

Also, I agree with Madonna "Immaculate Collection". That has some awesome soundstage and imaging on it. It is pretty hard to get on vinyl, but it's worth it if you can find it. The CD version is easily available.

Neil Young "Decade" triple album set is a very good and large "best of" album. If you have only one Neil Young album, that should be the one.

Best of the 5th Dimension, is worth having. Marilyn McCoo has a heavenly voice, and "Wedding Bell Blues" along with "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In, are must haves.

Best of the Association, is a classic for the baby boomers.
Al Green's Greatest Hits (how does it sound on vinyl?), Substance by New Order.
I think the classic "best of" albums would be:
1. Simon and Garfunkle's greatest hits
2. Elton John's greatest hits (the original not vol 2)
3. ditto on the Young Person's guide (KK)
4. Best of the Doobies
5. The Eagle's greatest hits (I had this on green vinyl UK import
6. A decade of Steely Dan
It seems these were the ubiquitous records everybody had
How I could forget "You Can't Do It On Stage Anymore" live series of Frank Zappa?
Best of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.
ELO's Greatest hits, Best of Sting 84-94.
The Best of The Gap Band for sure. Brothers in rhinestone cowboy suits, you can't beat that.
Rolling Stones, "Through the Past, Darkly"
George Thorogood and the Destroyers "Anthology", a 2 CD set. GT definitely gives you your money's worth. Also, Best of Cowboy Junkies is a very good collection, but it was produced against their will and wishes. Cheers. Craig
bowie "Changes"
I don't know if these are the "best of the best ofs" but I like: THE BEATLES 1, RAY CHARLES/HIS GREATEST HITS-VOLUME 1 & 2, THE BEST OF SAM & DAVE.