Best of the best Integrated amps in 2018

I'm starting this new thread to talk about the Uber integrated amps available today on the market.Here i'm talking about integrated amps that can easily equal in performance $30K worth of separates and above.A list of them that i can think of :

D'Agostino Momentum integrated, Jeff Rowland Daemon, Vitus MP-I201, Vitus RI-101, Bel Canto Black, Pass INT-250, Gryphon Diablo 300, T+A PA 3100 HV, McIntosh MA9000, Ypsilon Phaeton, Soulution 530, CH Precision Integrated, Audionet Watt, Audionet Stern-Heisenberg Integrated (to be released), Esoteric P-03A, Dartzeel CTH-8550, Boulder 865, Audio Research GSI 75 and others.
Please share your experience if you have auditioned or own some of these amazing machines.
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it's all good to excellent stuff and not exhaustive... I second the suggestion to add the ASR! I would put the McIntosh at the bottom of the list without any doubt, and the Audionet, Gryphon, Pass, CH, Soulution, Boulder, Dartzeel at the top, and the rest in between. Where does that bring us all, well it brings us all to like my taste..hahaha!!!!  
I am really, really curious about the Gryphon...if anyone in NYC has one and would allow me to have a listen, that'd be fantastic.  
We are a Vitus dealer located in S CA if anyone is interested in listening to the SIA-025 Integrated.
Thank You - cakeaudioHappy Listening!
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