Best of... Soundbar for Samsung TV

I have low-frequency hearing, so that means I'm sensitive to sounds.  My 43” Q60A QLED 4K Smart Samsung TV 2021. What is the best soundbar I can buy for around $200.?
JUMP ON Bose remember it is Audiogon not sounbargon.
The Yamaha YAS-109 gets good reviews and can be had at for only $130, and if you can stretch to $250 it includes a subwoofer that’d probably up your enjoyment factor a bit if you don’t already have a sub.  Best of luck. 
True Audio custom builds sound bars to your exact specification.  I have one that produces awesome sound.

They are all built to their price point. Your post gets distilled down to just a “pick one of ‘em” exercise.
Doesn't really matter.
Samsung of course. I have 3 of them. Pretty darn good for the money.
Happy with Sonos.  They have two different bars depending on what you want to spend.  Happy with the sound.  Can add peripheral speakers later if you like (sub woofer, rear channel)
Thank you to everyone who has responded with suggestions.  I'll start researching...