Best of "Insert Your Category Here"

Sometimes, I find an artist who is hard to categorize. So I started thinking -- why not create my own categories? And while I'm at it, why not select the "best of" for these new categories. Here's my shot at it.

Best Small Bar Venue Americana: Christine Kane
She is a very fine acoustic guitar player and and
singer. I'm still surprised at the ingenuity of her
rhymes (very good recording quality as well)

Best Regional Good Time Bar Band: Bigfoot Bob & the Toe Tappers
Great musicians all, the sax adds new life to old songs
and they have super and original arrangements

Best Big Band Sound for Old Fashioned Rock Songs: Colin James & the Little Big Band
Dance and sing along to high energy and great
performances -- big band and guitar in one package.

Best American Blues Man More Popular in Europe than America: Walter Trout
The man can play and has some great songs.

So come on, what are your categories and bests of. Let's have some fun with this.