Best of "Dead Can Dance"?

I just stumbled onto what I consider a great cd, "Into the Labyrinth" by Dead Can Dance. The sonics are incredible and the music is captivating. Perhaps I've been dead for the past 20 years, but I had never heard of this group before. I knew Lisa Gerrard from her recent movie soundtracks, but had no idea of her previous life.

I'm looking to add other DCD cd's to my collection, and wondered what are generally considered their best work, musically as well as sonically? Anyone heard the compilation cd/dvd package DCD 1981-1998? Would this be a good way to obtain a collection of their work?

What do you consider their top cds in descending order, from best to worst?

I also like Dead Can Dance a lot and have 4 other CD's of them. Besides Into The Labyrinth, the one I prefer is Spiritchaser (1996), it's theme is the soul of the animals skins used to make musical instruments around the world. I also have Aion (1990) and Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun (1987) that are very good but not quite as good as the two others. There is also Toward The Within, a live album. All have great sonics and are very different musically.

Good listening

Serge Jobin
Montréal, Canada
Check out for a lot of information on DCD and any other band you're interested in - it's a fabulous site. -Kirk
You might also be interested in a DVD called Baraka which has amazing footage of people and places around the world and features some music by Dead Can Dance.
I am a fan of Dean Can Dance too. I have 7 so far: 1) The serpents egg, 2)Into the labyrinth, 3) Toward the within, 4) A passage in time, 5) Within the realm of a dying sun, 6) Dead Can Dance (self-titled), and 7) Aion. Each CD presents a different type of musical theme with updated rhythmic progressions overlayed/integrated. The texture is wonderful. Since each CD is quite different, I can tell you my favorites, but can't tell you their "best" really. I like the last three in my list the most, and particularly enjoyed their self-titled one. Incidentally, you should definitely consider This Mortal Coil too (another lisa gerard band - together with dierde rutlowski - most people who like DCD like them too) - some wonderful vocal work on all, though the CD with "Another Day" has two of the greatest. The CDs "Blood" and "Filigree&Shadow" have some incredible vocals too.

Thanks to all who've responded.

Kthomas: I checked out and did find it very helpful. Thanks.

Goldorak, Seth & Jwaugh: Thanks for the leads. I'm going to explore them all. If the other cd's approach the sound of Into the Labyrinth, I'll be listening to DCD for a long time to come. Will also check into This Mortal Coil. Anyone know anything about the Cocteau Twins?
Kenl; I like DCD too, and I think Labyrinth is my favorite. And if you like them, are you familiar with the CDs by Enigma? There are 5, and not a bad one in the bunch. I don't even know how to describe their music except to say that it's mostly percussion driven, kind of new agey, but not "space music". Great CDs IMO. Happy Listening. Craig
also you might like galaxie 500 and japan.
check them out.
cocteau twins are a must, look for the bbc collection.
happy listening
Garfish: As a matter of fact, I own 3 of the Enigma cd's, and like them very much. I'll have to dig them out and give them a listen. It's been a while.

Alexone: I'll try to listen to some Galaxie 500 and Japan, along with the Cocteau Twins.

Yesterday I ordered the boxed set of DCD 1981-1998. It consists of 3 cd's and a dvd live performance. Hope it's a good compilation of the best of.

Thanks again.