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I am just arriving in Germany for an Army assignment (Covid restrictions be gone...) I am looking for form gear while I am here! Any recommendations on items that I can look out for and take home with me? That could be anything... speakers, turntables, cartridges, amplifiers, vinyl whatever. I will be here for a while. 

Thanks for the help! 
DPS, Blumenhofer, Octave, ASR, Audio Physic, Burmester, Clearaudio, Lindemann, Lumem White, T+A, ...

AMG turntables and Clearaudio turntables I have a Clearaudio 
Thanks for your service
Genibe die Musik

Geez you can get that here.

Super Tiger Tank.. Get the one with the better stereo and external speakers... :-)

Maybe they have a Tesla retro fit to be just a tad greener than 5 gallons to the mile. BIGGER :-)

I was stationed there between '84 and '86. Peace time under Reagan and the dollar was strong against the Deutsche Mark, 4.5 to one. You could paint the town red with a hundred bucks, eat like a king for $20. You could also buy some really nice gear for cheap. 

Good luck and thanks for your service!
Pay a visit to Keith Aschenbrenner at Auditorium23 near Frankfurt. You won’t find a man more knowledgeable then him.
Also Scheu Analogue is a prime source for top rated turntables. In Duisburg you’ll find Acapella who build some of the best horn loudspeakers other than Keith. Another name to mention on turntables is Brinkmann, they also build a DAC albeit on the expensive side.

Enjoy the music
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Highly recommended,

easy to drive, seamlessly integrated 2-way with very realistic soundstaging when positioned correctly. Because of horn-like characteristics great impulse and decay, no shout. Real value for money with excellent finish.