Best of compact audio systems

What would you guys consider the best compact integrated audio system consisting of a pair of speakers, an integrated amp and a separate DAC ?This is what i would choose if i had the budget :Borresen 01 speakers, CH Precision I1 integrated amp and Totaldac D1-Direct DAC.This top level compact rig would fit in most small rooms and be very WAF friendly.
Let's see what you guys would build for this kind of money.

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We would go we think one better, the T+A SDV 3100 HV a $37k state of the art preamp/dac/streamer which is the only Dac in the world that we know of that can process DSD 1024 natively! 

Most other high speed dac's that can do high sample rates do not use a custom imput receiver and can max out at DSD 512 and then internally upconvert to DSD 1024.  Meitner and IFI do this. 

The reason why this is important is the speed of the machine throughout must be extradordinary.

Then couple that to the T+A PA 3000 HV a 300 watt power amplifier and you can drive any speaker with ease. $19k for the amp.

Viola you are done! Also the SDV 3100 also allows for blue tooth, FM radio, internet radio, Tidal and Quobuzz all built in and even comes with a very nice control app. 

SDV 3100 HV Reference Streaming DAC Preamp

Agreed with you on the speakers. 

Dave and Troy
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Vanatoo Transparent One Encore speakers.  Just add a source device which can be Bluetooth even and still sound fabulous. 
For around $25K, Gayle Sander’s Eikon audio system does it all, to which you add your DAC of choice. This compact system sounds and looks great, with LF extension to 20hz and digital room correction.
I watched the two videos on Eikon Audio as I'm unfamiliar with the product.  It may be fantastic, I honestly do not know. leaves me confused about all of what it is.  Are the speakers amplified, bi-amplified and if so by what type of amplification?  Or not amplified.

Seemed rather more marketing slickness over substance.
Best integrated amp at any price today is the Audionet Humboldt, i have auditioned it against other contenders like the Vitus SIA-030, CH Precision I1 and others.