Best of Brian Auger's Oblivion Express on CD?

After its initial release on CD was it ever then remastered? I see some used CDs for sale, none of which state "remastered", and one new one by Chronicles which states, "This 2 1/2 hour digitally remastered set features ..." Does this refer to newer remaster after initial release on CD or is it just referring to the original release on CD back in '96? UPC code on new (remastered?) CD is 314-529496-2.
The new one from Chronicles does not make the "remastered" claim anywhere on the packaging except for a sticker on the celophane wrapper - nowhere else. Not on the box nor anywhere inside, not on the insert nor on the CDs. The seller confirmed this as he has a duplicate which he opened and is using as his personal copy.
I have this (double) CD and another best of compilation from Tongue & Groove called Augernization.

A stupid little sticker on the shrinkwrap ain't much of a guarantee now that you mentioned.

Maybe a call or email to Chronicles or Polygram Records could help confirm this ?

It was nice to see Brian available on CD however, so I snapped up my favorites before they go OOP again.
auge remastered his library back in the 1990's, and some of his recordings sound pretty darn good anyway.
Picked up the "remastered" (whenever that was) version. Awesome sound. Don't know if it is any different than original release on Polygram. But Chronicles release is damn fine. Thanks guys.