Best of Both Worlds,

I am purchasing new speakers. I have around 2k but I want surround and music. The speaker system will have to be the best of both worlds. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Energy C series.
For that budget I would give a serious listen to PSB.
Agree with above, but also look at Paradigm and Pinnacle.
I would also look at the B&W DM6 series.
Gallo Reference MKII run about 2k. Dynamic bottom end with electrostatic like tweeter. They need to be out in the room about 3-4 feet. Awesome soundstage everywhere in the room. Can be bright with the wrong gear. Every upgrade can easily be heard.

If you need cash for more speakers there is a set of Solos for sale at $1400. Add Gallo Due' new or used for surrounds or center. There is a new ref III center, but that's more$$$.
Steuspeed - I assume he's looking for the whole (5 or 5.1) magilla for $2k. The Gallo's are $2k for the pair (and worth every cent).
Thanks, no one mentioned Def Techs. I have read some other comments and no one seems to have much respect for them. Why?
Def Techs are great for movies but suck for music. NHTs would be the better compromise between the two...movies and music that is.
I appriciate everyones input. Thanks