Best Oddball Record Label?

Now that my favorite hobby seems to be crawling through dusty bins of old vinyl I'm discovering that there are some great records out there that aren't on Verve or Blue Note. Some of these are serious bargains too. Among the interesting labels I've found so far are:

Jazzman Label: Coleman Hawkins, Jazz Reunion - This is a stereo recording from 1961 that was issued in 1981 with Pee Wee Russell on Clarinet. It's competently recorded by the standards of the day. Very listenable and the playing is really good.

Inner City Records: Nat Adderly Septet, Don't Look Back - This is a great recording from 1976. Has some good funk in it.

Landau Records: Charles McPherson, Beautiful - A really nice recording. Very smooth sound quality. Well imaged.

Halcyon Records: Willie the Lion Smith, Live at Blues Alley - It’s in stereo so I'm guessing it’s from the early sixties. Not audiophile quality, but very listenable and invaluable as a great documentation of an early jazz player. Just solo piano and vocal. Very cool.

MPS: The Chicago Jazz Giants, Live! - This is not such an oddball label, but you don't see a lot of them. A German label, these guys really knew how to record. I've also got a couple of CD reissues of Oscar Peterson that are amazing.

Anyone else have anything interesting?

the king of all oddball labels would have to be Sun Ra's label, Saturn (or El Saturn). those guys go for close to $100 a pop though. fortunately, most if not all of it has been reissued on CDs. I believe he self-released something like 100 lps.
miracle records...'if its a hit, its a miracle' artists, beserkley, verve forecast
What about "Urania"
How about Fogerty's Cove Music?