Best object in your listening room.

Lets stick with inanimate objects- no people, live animals or audio visual equipment.

Best object in my room is a Big Horn Sheep! "Curly" never complains about the music whether it's too loud, too low, too soft, too hard. He never looks at me as if I am wasting my life sitting in a room listening to music instead of "going for a walk", or cleaning something (other than my records of course).
Curly is one bad Ram.
BTW, I did not kill this beautiful animal. He was "taken" by a friends father in Montana in the 1960s.
I have severasl that are precious to me;

The green 'HULK' hands are great!
The Barret De Busk wire sculture over the TV is not only very rare, but a truly wonderful piece of art for the wall.

Now to add the most obvious item...... ME!

Without me there, why have the room???
If you saw all the crap in my listening room/bedroom/office!

I think I like my leather chair the best. I am usually working on my computer with my back to the system so, if a particularly good tune comes on, I can quickly swivel to listen to it "in phase":)
The walls of my room are covered in artwork done by my kids and grand kids. Some of it is surprisingly good as art and as room treatments. My daughter is very talented but only does projects when she has to. I've got a picture of a snowman my grandson did a few years ago. Everytime he visits he says, "why do you still have that picture?" I display it for him as much as for myself.

framed blown away poster
An 1867 (or 1869 - hard to read)French marble tambour clock.
I have a stuffed and mounted Big Sheep hunter who was "taken" by my grandpappy's mammy's uncle's dog's nephew sometime during the 1960's.
A cabinet full of 1:12 and 1:18 scale old and new porsche model cars. Few notables are the boxsters (few colors and both 986 and 987 models), 550 spyder, 356 speedsters, Classic 911's, Carrera GTs, GT1, and even a Porsche tractor:-). Few Ferraris and Lambo thrown in of course. Some times I line them up in front while listening and admire their sophisticated and subtle beauty.
Very good. Looks like we're on the right track- especially Nilthepill with all his sport cars.
We got people mounted (i wouldn't mind mounting some myself).
Heli dog has THE poster.
The Hulk and lots of artwork. Yeah!!!
handmade/painted figure of hammer films' THE REPTILE. a resemblence to mrs. jaybo after i purchase a component.

Hmmm, it could be the 63 pound king salmon on the wall that I caught in Alaska 20 years ago ...

or the collection of 40 Matchbox cars/trucks that I had as a kid that are displayed in a shadowbox on the wall. (They cost 39 cents each when I was 10-12, now they're worth about $3,500. for the collection) ....

.... but the the absolute "Best" thing is my Red Sox DVD that captures their recent playoff and World Series wins from 3 years ago. The World Series against the Cards was anti-climactic, but I just never get tired of watching the Sox beat the Yankees 4 straight to get to the series after being down 0-3 in the American League Championship .... priceless!
Bijar, Iran rug 9 x 12 still mesmerizes me while listening and gazing.
I have 3 heavy wool baseball uniforms from the 20's hanging behind my speakers as well as some old baseball gloves. By the way any one have any old sports equipment they like to get rid of..especially baseball gloves,hats,uniforms.
My son's singing, laughing, and dancing.
I love my iron snake that's on the shelf above my head. The GF hates it though. Ah well.
I have a 9' Drexell Heritage sofa I got at a garage sale for $15..."The couch" has been recovered but what a find... and ohhh so comfortable to lay out on while listening to 'da tunes.
My Antique toys.
We are obviously proud of our "man caves" as the boss calls it. If possible, post photos of these objects in "my system".
I'd love to see the Salmon, Iranian rug (I have several), snakes-in-a-room, etc.
The futon that I custom built out of walnut. The end table I use for my drink, and the equipment rack I built. I also like the cd racks that I built that hang on the wall..
Mable, my brothers "piece." She never fails to deliver. lol
But i am also proud of my chair.

I have a lithograph of Toulouse Lautrec called "The Morning After"
Well, if you count the adjacent room where I have all my source equipment and preamp, a 15th Century suit of Spanish parade armor!
My "All Night Long" sax player, one of Willits Design's "All That Jazz" series...
Click to view
Lots of wood ducks and decoys (my wife collects them).
My music room is a dedicated room, and it is also the place I keep my favorite items, most family hairlooms. My Grandfather (who was always a little kid at heart, like me) left me the machine gun from his WWII plane. He was Commander of Roosevelt Field in New York during the second half of the war, after being shot down in the Pacific with his entire squadron, Most of the men got killed by shark, Grandpa made it three days in the water... When the war was over his squadron bought his plane for him. He also gave me his toy wind up train that he played with as a kid. It's about 1890 vintage and in excellent condition. He also left me a two hundred year old Navajo rug, it's amazing how well it held up in that it has always been used as a rug. He also had a wonderful western original oil painting that he had in his music room. (Piano, organ, guitars, mandolin and his Scott mono-block stereo. Lastly I have three Roland Reed Indian photos that my grandpa developed himself from Reed's glass plates. Grandpa was in the photography business and was asked by Reed to hold the plates while he was out in the field.

Grandma, from the other side of the family left me her Drew's chest. It is a four hundred year old chest made in Lebanon and has three hundred years of Druid family history carved into it. I loved it as a kid, and still do.

I have many other great family memories in my music room, and it is a true place of peace.

Oh yea, my bears, over one hundred and counting. The queen bear is Leon. Leon was my Grandma's name (Drew's chest) and the bear is made from her old mink stole.

Jade has topped the thread. Amazing items from the historical past. WW II, American Navajo history, Lebanon. I would love to be in his room for some music and wonder.
Nice guy award goes to Bobgates- he lets his wife put things in his room. Undoubtedly cool things, but we need to make them think we are just being nice.
For instance, after Bumbershoot (look it up at I came home to my room to find a present from the boss, a lithograph of some skeletons busting out the tunes. She's got great taste and an eye for art. I will try posting a photo soon.
Fellas and babes, if possible, please include photos of these objects in the my system section so we can see what you're talking about.
Keep 'em coming!
Pictures of my kids.
My wife's custom made horse whip. It hangs on the wall, above the doorway. She bought it from a silversmith (platero) at the San Telmo Craft Fair in Buenos Aires. He hand carved the ornate handle of the whip. The artist invited us to his studio later that afternoon, where we saw some more of his incredible work. She's not actually used the whip, not on a real horsie, anyways...
Open-back banjos by Kevin Enoch (fretless) and Bart Reiter (Whyte Laydie copy), Gibson A-2 mandolin, and a Martin D-28 guitar.
A bamboo basket by Iizuka Rokansai.
Curley complain? Sointenly not! Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk!

A window to the outside world that measures 6'6" x 11' ... it offers a lot of indirect northern light and everything I see is like a silent movie
An original Star Wars Return of the Jedi painting (real painting not a print). Painted by an artist at Lucas Films in 1983. You can see a picture of it if you check my system.
1961 Wurlitzer juukebox
1920ish wind up Victrola with wood speaker cabinet
Jukeboxes and Starwars. Yeah!!!
Daniel Marshall Vavona burl humidor. Beautiful!!!
A waterfall silkscreen by artist, Pat Steir
I kind of like your better half. But Bad to the Bone might break my bones, so I'll stick with the humidor :(

How about some pics!!!??? i will be posting a silkscreen I recently placed in my listening room.
Sadly my better half thinks my rig sounds just the same as her $50 sony boombox. If there are any cigar smokers out there, go to the Daniel Marshall website and find the scratch and dents. Mine was $500, and i had to look HARD to find the flaw. Regular price is $1000. Best 500 i've spent in a while!
My wife is no different. Fortunately, she just doesn't ask when mysterious boxes show up at our door.
Probably my 1956 dated TOPTEX Flight helmet painted in the USAF THUNDERBIRDS scheme when they flew the F-100 and F-105's back in the day.

Aviation fan here. ( arms out...making "vroommm" sounds )
My Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series Champions & New England Patriots 3X World Champions Bottles of Wine.