Best NOS tubes for MFA Luminescence

I have a MFA Luminescence B1-C.What brand of NOS tubes sound the best.
Holman- Which tubes are the best? That's very system dependent and up to personal preferences. With tube rolling, you'll be able to make the unit sound practically any way you wish. Check out for 6SN7 recommendations or order the Vacuum Tube Valley magazine issue that has a broad 6SN7 tube survey. I'm currently acquiring examples of all of the recommended tubes so that I can determine for myself which ones I like best and for which characteristics. Not inexpensive and quite time consuming, but hopefully fun as well as enlightening. Good luck.
General consensus says RCA RED BASE, and Sylvania VT-231 are the best sounding tubes for the MFA. Not having heard the MFA with these tubes in it, I cannot say. But these tubes are pricey. Manufacturing quality was routinely very good in the 30's, and 40's, that I would hazzard to say that the Westinghouse, KenRad, and most American 6SN7's will sound very good. So I would purchase some of these, which are very reasonable, and see if I even cared how the others sounded.
I have been using Brimar 6SN7's. They are hard to find. The tech guy who helps maintain my Lumis sold me the tubes three years ago. He doesn's have anymore.
The tubes seem to reinforce the warm/dark side of the Lumi. Very good.