Best nos 6sn7g for my Atmasphere mp1.

looking to replace stock chinesse 6sn7g.
I have found that the Ken Rads give the best bass presentation but may be microphonic (careful), the Tung-Sols are absolutely the most transparent and toneally neutral, whith mid range that is superb. Sylvania's a a good tube, the RCA's having a nice liquid midrange but can be a bit etched. The Sylvania metal bases are nice to look at but don't offer anything in the way of top notch sound, they are just expensive because they are cool to look at. The Electro Harmonix sound very nice indeed for a new tube at a very cheap price. The 5692 red bases are a nice tube, but don't dissipate the plate voltage (heat) required for the application in Atma-Sphere amps (much shorter life), so try to stick with 6SN7 GTB's as best you can. I am using a combination in my M60's: KenRad in postion #1, Tung Sol in #4, and a pair of RCA's (or Sylvania's) in the middle positions. Hope this helps, FWIW. Asking Ralph Karsten (at Atma-Sphere)for his opinion would also be a good idea. Happy Listening.
I believe the previous poster failed to notice that you're requesting MP-1 recs. I have an MP-1 paired with M60s and have found the Sylvanias to be my preference in the MP-1. Do yourself a favor and get in touch with Andy @ Vintage Tube Services and do it soon as he's closing up shop pretty soon. Discuss your sonic priorities and he'll take it from there. It may take a few weeks but you'll get the real deal NOS stuff graded expertly by a pro. Nuff said.
Acresverde writes:
get in touch with Andy @ Vintage Tube Services and do it soon as he's closing up shop pretty soon.
Really? That will be quite a loss - Andy has sold me excellent valves.

Andy is the best. He sold me many a fine tube, especially 6SN7s. This is a huge loss for tube audiophiles.
I have tried many tubes and the Sylvania Metal Base are the most alive, dynamic, full bodied and offer the best and most controlled bass. The Tung Sol tubes are wonderful too, but not as good as the Metal Base tubes. v The Ken Rads are the best on vocals, but sound rather rubbery or less controlled in the bass than the Sylvanias.

The Sylvania Bad Boys are good too and I usually use them in the second and third slot and the Metal Base tubes in the sonically critucal first position.
a real sleeper....CBS Hytron. I used them in both my MP-1 and MA-1's. Not an expensive tube, but about as even-handed as I ever heard in my A-S gear.
The, "best" will depend on your tastes in presentation. For me, that's been the 40's Tung-Sol round plates, of the construction shown in this guy's pics: (, and not the mouse eared or round mica top support. Those combined with 1940's Sylvania 6SN7W or A(tall bottle), as driver and phase splitter- repectively, provide a very transparent window to the music(modded Cary SLM-100's). Some of the other top-notch tubes available, on the NOS market, are mentioned here: ( If you like a warmer presentation; the RCA, Raytheon and Nation Union VT-231's listed will give it. All the best are bottom gettered(but the Sylvania 6SN7W) and will provide a nice open sound stage, and good imaging(if your system/ and room are up to it). Less salty in price, but still very clean and open(somewhat less sound stage width and depth, than the TS-rp & Sylvania-W though), are the Ken-Rad and Sylvania VT-231's. I've got some of those as back-ups, for when I can't afford to spring for the others any longer.
Hey guys, it's me again. Since this topic has resurfaced I thought I would sheepishly pop in and apologize for apparent rumor mongering concerning Andy at VTS. However, in defense of self, I must disclose that the info I passed on here came straight from the horse's mouth. I had called Andy to place an order and he confided to me that he was going to commit to a "new venture" and would probably be closing up within six months. Well, four years later and he's still selling tubes (so far as I know) so I guess the "new venture" was stillborn. Hopefully, no harm done.
I think alot of folks bought from Andy with a view to having a long-term stash, so no harm done methinks:)
Yes I know he is still in business because I ordered from him not long ago.