Best Non Progressive DVD ......

I wish to upgrade my DVD player (Pioneer 414)but since my Pioneer Pro 610 HD has a very decent san doubler I really don't need to spend extra for a progressive DVD player. I am willing to spend up to 1K (new or used OK). I heard a lot about the Pioneer DV-09 but recently read a review that stated it wasn't really that great (doesn't play CD-R audio either). there anything out there that would really be an improvment over the 414?
Denon DVD 3000 used is under a grand, easy. Also look at the 5000. Very nice players. They aren't as pretty as the Pioneer, but I couldn't be happier with mine. Just make SURE not to use the dang tos-link digital connections. Tos-link stinks already, and this player is very finicky with it.

Look at the Arcam D88. It lists for more, but may be available at your price. I really like mine. It is also a good CD player. The Arcam web site has some glowing reviews.

For a "high-end" "non-progressive scan" DVD Player available for under $1K, then I would look at the following players (all of them are discontinued and you will probably end up finding all of them on the used market):

(01). Pioneer Elite DV-09 (about $700.00 to $950.00 used)
(02). Sony DVP-S7000/DVP-S7700 (about $400.00 to $650.00 used)
(03). Denon DVD 3000/5000 (about $500.00 to $700.00 used)
(04). Nakamichi DVD-10s (about $800.00 new)

These are the only ones that I can think of right now, and the ones I would look at before I would look at a brand new DVD Player that lists for about $200.00 or less (build quality isn't there).

Also, if you don't mind getting a "progressive scan" player in spite of your desire not to, then another great player to look at is the Toshiba SD-9100. It was Toshiba's flagship DVD Player last year. It listed for about $2,000.00 when it was brand new. You should be able to snip up a used one for around $600.00 or so. But I wouldn't pay no more than $800.00 for it. Anything above $800.00, then you might as well start looking at a new one.

Hope this turns out to be helpful.

Good Luck,

The Pioneer Elite DV-05 is a strong pick. $350 used, very, very good CD performance, will play CD-R & RW, DVD performance just as good as the DV-09 (I know, because I have both), and has an excellent remote (Instead of the train wreck called a remote for the DV-09). Overall, I actually liked it better than my Sony 9000ES. Good transport too. And whatever you get, plug it into a PS Audio 300 condtioner for a significant improvement. Good luck
I would second the recommendation on the Elite DV-05 as far as video performance goes. I do not have it in a high quality audio system, so CD performance in unknown.
You might want to consider that, these days, nearly all of the most recent generation of quality DVD players (which, as far as I'm concerned, includes those approaching $1k and above) will be built with progressive scan. In order to get a good one without progressive scan, you'll have to get last generation technology (such as the formerly reference-grade Pioneers).

My question is whether the newer DVD players are better than the older ones, ignoring the progressive option. For example, I've got my eye on a TV with internal progressive scan that is a lot of trouble to bypass. So, I figure, don't need progressive output on the DVD player. In the end, it comes down to the Pioneer Elite DV-37 (latest generation, progressive) or the DV-09 (last generation, formerly reference level, non-progressive). Both can be had for about the same price (new v. used). In the end I went with the DV-37 (which has switchable progressive output from the component video outs, so user's choice). I did anguish over this choice, though. Is the DV-09 (at less than half of original list price) a better machine than the DV-37 new (at the same price as a used DV-09)? In other words, are the older ones a huge bargain because they don't have progressive scan or are they in some way inferior to the new ones for more reasons than their progressive capabilities? (anyone who can make sense of this question deserves a prize -- the cold medication has gutted my ability to form coherent thoughts. mil disculpas.)
I don't know if you bought the DVD player yet but here is my suggestion. For $1000, you are better off buying the Pioneer DV37. The reason being that DV37 is supposed to have the same progressive scan circuitry as your Pro610. Now the logic behind that is when you use interlaced output of the DVD player to your tv, the signal goes from digital to analog then out of the dvd player and analog back to digital in your tv. If you use the progressive out, you save two extra conversions and pretty much digital right off the disc and straight to the tv. Every time you convert a signal, it changes from the original and adds distortion. It'll be a minute difference but it will be a little better.
I've had a DV-05 and can certainly recommend it for video and audio performance. I recently upgraded to the DV-09 and have to say the video performance is even better. I bought mine new for $799.00 from Harvey electronics. Good Luck! Mike.