Best non-Magnepan rears to mate w/Maggie fronts?

Our wonderful new space for a home theater is not conducive to mounting my prized MMG-Ws for the rear channels. I need to go with a smaller woofer-based rear speaker and was hoping to get some guidance as to what would work best.

This room will generally be used for sporting events and action movies - the MMGs, MMG-C, and Velodyne sub up front will do all heavy lifting and 2-channel lifting.

Look at the new Martin Logan Motion series. These are really nice sounding.
Wall mounted? Stand mounted? Bookshelf? Price range?
Would love for them to be $300 or less, for the pair. They will be wall mounted.
Here's my solution: Realistic Lineaum Pro LX-5's if you can find them. The tweeter in them may actually match the feel of the MMG with a wide soundstage? Very clean, crisp, not harsh and very wide dispersion. Cheap too.
Eminent Tech monitors
Perhaps asked a different way: anything to avoid that might not mix well with the Maggies?
95% of EVERYTHING else.
"Here's my solution: Realistic Lineaum Pro LX-5's if you can find them."

Lol. That is a good one!!
Ah yes, the mighty Lineum LX-5! A fun little cheap speaker, indeed - a big little soundstager, it is. (although dry and bleached sounding on top end, to be true, and with poor bass)
My suggestion is to forget the rears, and stick with your mains up front. Then, if you do get around to using MATCHING maggies in the rear, DO THAT!! Anything else is going to sound different, period.
If you just can't stand not haing rears, then any higher priced in-wall/in-ceiling speaker will fill in the back.
Just make no mistake about it. Nothing is going to sound just like your maggies, for certain.