best non-guitarist, guitar players are..?

There was thread on one's favorite guitarists...and I too have too far many. Listed a few but...

Anyway, what about those MUSICIANs who are not generally known or "branded" as guitarists per se, but who nevertheless are great guitar players? Some are even not that technically proficient, yet somehow manage to make emotional impact. Here are few that come to mind

Neil Youg
Walter Brecker
Kelly Joe Phillips
John Lennon (Get Back!)
Dave Matthews
terry reid,tony hicks(the hollies),roy wood(the move)
Trey Gunn (King Crimson) touch guitar
Wayne Hussey (the Mission UK)
Peter Yates (the Fields Of The Nephilim)
Robert Smith (the Cure)
Saw Prince Thursday night, incredible guitar player.
The late Frank Zappa.
Bill Nelson, from the defunct group "BeBop Deluxe"! There are many great guitar "players", but very few that can actually make a guitar "sing". It is also unusual, that unlike many other guitarists, his live recording performances are actually better (technically as well as inspirationally) than his studio performances. His encore finale on the "Live in the Air Age" tour (1977) was a cover of Hendrix's "Purple Haze". Other than the vocal differences, one would swear that Hendrix's spirit was playing the guitar. I have NEVER heard any other cover of a Hendrix song that didn't sound like a cover instead of "the real deal"!

Please note: if you want to purchase the "Live in the Air Age CD", get the U.K. EMI pressing, not the sonically inferior "One Way Records" CD, which is total CRAP (as are all "One Way Records" CD's).
henryhk, im with you on the neil young deal,IMO neal is a great sounding guitar player but isnt even thought of as being proficient.

gohstrider45,FZ was a highly regarded guitar player & composer & i consider him to be 1 of the all time best.

On the lighter side...

Jack Black (Tenacious D)
Adam Sandler

just my goofy 2c

Hugely successfull, and terribly untalanted, but has made an impact on the music scene;

The Edge

Walter Becker by the way, is actually quite good, and has
the sense to get someone more capable to do what he cannot.
completely agree w/ Zappa, Prince, Edge (though both Zappa and Prince are certainly technically proficient!)....the others I don't know well

how about also
Joe Walsh
John Butler (check this guy out from down under!...jam band)
Lowell George from Little Feat
Monte Montgomery (if u do not know u gotta check him out: acoustic w/ an attitude)
Peter Frampton (I know, but then again...)
Bonnie Raitt
Tom Petty (when he wants to)
Bruce Springsteen (Bad Lands!)
Paul McCartney is actually a very good guitar player, not just bass.