best non guitar rock solo

We all have seen a few threads on best rock giutar solo, but does anyone have nominations for best rock solo with any other instrument?
jean luc-ponty's violin solo on frank zappas 50/50 or even george dukes keyboard solo on the same song.

Off the top of my head, Bobby Keys on sax in "Can't You Hear Me Knocking," Ginger Baker on drums in "Toad," and Jim Gordon on piano in "Layla," for starters. I know there's plenty others.
Whoever the sax player was for the Traffic band of the late 70s. Check out the cuts "Glad" and "Tragic Magic" on the live Traffic double album; wonderful record.

Dave Ellis played killer leads for Bob Weir's band called Ratdog when he was in that band.
The Alan Price keyboard solo in The Animal's House of the Rising Sun.
How about the drum solo in Edgar Winter's Frankenstein?
Good call Dan,
That is going way back. Ian Anderson ( Jethro Tull ) played some great rock flute. Whoever thought those 2 words, rock and flute would go together?
Some of Al Kooper's raves on the Hammond organ always appealed to me - "Super Session" perhaps.

Sid Page on violin with Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks - "I Scare Myself". Maybe David LaFlamme on "White Bird" - another fiddle player.

Clarence Clemmons (sp?) for Bruce Springsteen did some great sax solos.

Tony Bank's Keyboard solo in Genesis' "In the Cage."
Geddy Lee bass solo in the middle of Tom Sawyer by Rush
Keith Emerson's piano solo and synthesizer "steel pan" solo on Karn Evil 9 part TWO.
Rick Wakeman's organ solo about 2/3 into Close to the Edge
I second the Ian Anderson vote. The "rock flute" solo (that does give me a grin every time I say it!) on Locomotive Breath is quite excellent.

And yes, you really need to throw Geddy Lee in there. Cliff Burton's "Anesthesia - Pulling Teeth" also comes to mind.
The Fender Rhodes solo in The Doors' "Riders On The Storm"
Keith Eerson's solo in the live version of "Tarkus" from "Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That never Ends.."
Organ from In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida / Iron Butterfly
Swapped a lot of spit to this one...
Paul Butterfield's harmonica solo on "Everything's Gonna Be Alright"
Steve Winwood's Hammond B3 Organ on Hendrix's "Voodo Child"
Violin solo at the end of The Who's "Baba O'Riley"
Opening piano solo on Elton John's "Funeral For A Friend"
Bobby Keyes' sax solo on the Rolling Stones' "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'"
Ginger Baker's drum solo on Blind Faith's "Do What You Like"
Clarence "Big Man" Clemmons on "Jungleland" from Springsteens' "Born to Run".
Mark Nauseef(drums, percussion, marimbas samples etc...) in his solo album Wun-Wun on CMP along with super voice performance of Jack Bruce.
Another superalbum is "Transmutation" by Praxis(one of the Bill Laswell's projects) I realy don't recall the name of the keybords master but he was faster than fusion!
And certainly everyone here should know the famous flute master Ian Anderson.
Also check out keyboards in Steely Dan not neccesarily solos and that is realy stunning even on the background!
From Quicksilver's Shady Grove disk.
I'll second Ncarv's "Toad" (Ginger Baker) and Rostamann's "Do What You Like" (Ginger Baker). Yes, I'm a big percussion fan ;-) Great stuff in jazz too, but that's another thread. Marakanetz, I'll have to check out Wun-wun -- I'm a big Jack Bruce fan (gotta love "Theme for an Imaginary Western" written by Bruce and performed by Mountain).
Whoops! It seems that changing the subject seemed to lose the message here. My recommendation was for Nicky Hopkins doing Edward the Mad Shirt Grinder on Quicksilver's Shady Grove disk.
Rush's Neil Peart and his 10 minute drum solo
-Rick Wakeman - Organ solo on "Roundabout" by Yes
-Jan Hammer - Synth Lead trading fours on "Star Cycle" w/Jeff Beck
-Barotone Sax solo on "Brown Sugar" by the Stones
I hesitate to call it "rock", but the violin solo by Sugar Cane Harris on "Little House I Used to Live in", from Zappa's "Burnt Weeny Sandwich", is pretty awsome.
Harry " Sweets" Edison trumpet solo on Billie Holiday's " Nothing Can Be Done"
How about "Living on the Fault Line", by the Doobie Brothers?

A great rock VIBES solo, thrown into the mix with several other solos including guitars.

Decent recording, too.