Best New speaker under $5000

I went to the new York show just looking and finally found a loudspeaker better than my brothers Acoustic Zens
The Gershman Acoustic Sonogram at $3595 I bought a pair and never looked back .The Bass goes down under 30hz solidly no loudspeaker in the price range has such a sweetspot the whole center between the speakers and superb detail and imaging.I have auditioned my brothers Adagios in my system, VR-4 juniors, Thiels, these are like a Sonus faber with more detail and better bass. the Zens are very fast slightly more than the Sonograms ,but the circular tweeter is just too soft when you need a little bite , the midbass to the lower bass the Adagio is enemic compared and as uhf magazine also stated
tight articulate low bass and excellent across the board.I have been a audiophile for over 30 years .I was told there are 3 reviews in the process including T.A.S Robert Harley ,I can honestly say I finally made a Great move. I have a Edge g-8 amp, a Consonance droplet cdp, a Dodd audio DC powered valve pre amp , and
all of the little known but excellent Soundstring audio cables.I have freinds that spent 2x the $17k I spent that admitted my system is more coherent!
Gallo's Ref 3.1 !!!!
Cool - congrats! Now your brother has to find something better!!!!
Although I am wedded to the ML CLS1, I was tempted to buy the Sonogram just for fun. (The fun being taking it to owners of $30k speakers)Dali also makes a beautiful speaker with ribbon tweeter @$5k.
Nomad Audio Ronin RMD, maybe the best under twice that amount!
The Sonogram was one of the few truly great sounding, great value speakers that I heard at the Hi End Show. I only listened for 10 minutes or so (not in the market for speakers) but it was clear they were lucid, coherent, tonally and spatially correct. I didn't hear much else that day that I have thought about since. Congrats--I think you got yourself a pair of speakers that should take you down the road.
Sonogram are great speakers I heard these and was impressed... FWIW
montana spx they are 5500 but the extra 500 will be worth it
While the Sonogram is an "in your face speaker", a more laid back speaker is the Aurum Cantos V2M. It is imported by VAS Industries. At last years's Stereophile show, Together with VPI and Cayin electronics, it was one one of my picks for best sound in show. People actually stayed to hear the music.
hi gregadd:

i was at the stereophile show in ny and heard the speaker. i also heard it at ces 2007. the ribbon tweeter is quite seductive, but the bass driver does not integrate well. there is a lack of coherence.

in addition the speaker is overpriced. for a little more you can purchase a magnepan 3.6 .
Mrtennis "different strokes for different folks." I was very impressed. Overpriced? I do not even know what that word means anymore. It does have an importer and the cost of a cabinent, the maggie has neither.
The best I have ever heard are the Harmonic Precision Caravelles, that's why I bought them. I have owned bigger and more expensive speakers, but I'm not sure I've owned better speakers.

They are hard to find used, which doesn't seem to be an issue for you, you can get them new from the factory. For a smallish two way, they are real shockers...



I was just reading a comment about the Gershman Sonogram being in your face ,that is not very accurate compared to many other metal domed tweeters out there ,the Aurunm cantus is light on top with the ribbon I have a good freind that owns ther bigger speaker,a more laid back presentation ,for some that is good. the Sonogram has a 3-4row perspective.Please remember I compared these side by side with My brothers Acoustic zen Adagios and these loudspeakers for sure had more meat in the mid and lower bass Overall The majority liked the SOnograms better than the Adagio with the same equipment which is very well balanced.
>They are hard to find used, which doesn't seem to be an issue for you, you can get them new from the factory. For a smallish two way, they are real shockers...<

Agree and disagree. Yes they are hard to find used, but there is a pair on the Gon right now. As far as new, the last news I head from Robert is that they are no longer available.

All I can say is I recommended the Sonogram to A'gon members immediately upon my return form the show. By "in your face" I meant it's virtues were immeidately appearent when you walked in the room. The more "laid back" speakers require you to sit and listen for a while.
Oz, I had no idea. I was wondering why after having such a big presence last year, they were not to be found this year at RMAF!!!

That's really too bad as they are a great product. I know Robert was having a hard time coming up with the money to retool, after what happened with a previous partner...



I have to say The Gershman Sonogram loudspeakers are on my short list for the under $6k range .I use this for any speaker that has solid bass into the 20s and keeps up with speakers more than 2x the cost is exceptional , along with the Maggi 3.6 which is untouchable in playing so seamlessly
not enough dynamics overall without the sub though . The Hyperion was very good just not as cohesive and lacked low level inner detail compared to the Sonogram and Maggi.
Thanks guys for your insite and help,I took the plunge
Hifidelityaudio went over all the positives these had to offer and They were spot on I compared pretty much every major company at under $6k and these speakers are solid across the board with a very good natural presentation ,not to heavy or to thin, .I have used this with my Eastern electric integrated ,as well as my Edge
ss amp with very good results a very easy load to drive .
I used the Isoclean breakin cd which takes the breakin down to under 30 hours compared to over 200+ if just playing music.
Congrats does it look? Will you be posting some pics?
I heard the Sonograms and they were good for a $3000
speaker but not in the sme class as the better $5k speakers.A stunning new speaker that I don't own yet but am saving for is the SIngle driver Omega ,and I compared the adagio,the Hyperion,$6k Dali and Thiel they wipe the floor with the Zu Druid this is for sure, the Imaging is
superb as well as the soundstaging the Hemp driver is very natural ,and if you op for the Alnico magnet you are talking very serious stuff. The bass in the bigger ones will hit high 30s ,but ther Hemp powered sub is very wife freindly with the furniture grade veneer finishes on all the speakers they make super fast and natural in bass as I have ever heard ,not boomy like many but sounding like the real deal. Well worth the effort to find.
Another interesting speaker that I think will definitely be a contended in this price range is the new AV123 Focus Line Source LS6 @ $4500.

Also the PSB Synchrony One @ $4500, and the Monitor Audio PL300 are supposedly 'killers' in this price range.
I had the prototypes of the LS-6 for about a year, and it is a heck of a speaker at that price point.