Best new or used intergrated amp or separates for Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand Speakers

Want to upgrade and looking for suggestions...

For a $1, 200 budget and preferably less, what do you recommend for Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand speakers that I just bought and love?

I listen to mostly digital music from my laptop and Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100  on Spotify via AudioQuest Forest usb cable in by 12 x 14 x 10' office. 

Current equipment that would be sold if I find the right upgrade:
 NAD 2400 AMP, 100wpc and NAD 1600 Preamp with NAD C 525Bee CD Player

 I know about need for power to drive 4ohm and lower. And I've read Primare is great match. But, have not been able to find used i32 Primare under budget and not sure if i22 would be enough power.

So, what options and suggestion would you have for a near novice? And what upgrade would be worth the change.
Audiolab M-One @$800.00 online...
I bought a Primare stack, both the I-22 and the CD-22 stack off Audiogon, paid $1400 for the I-22 with DAC.  Dealer demo, 6 months old, MSRP of $2495; 80 wpc @ 8 ohms, 160 wpc @ 4 ohms. 
I was going to buy a pair of Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grands but instead bought KEF R-500s.  My room is 15' by 15' with 9' ceiling and the Primare easily fills up the room with sound.

Finding a Primare I-32 for under $1800 I imagine will be quite difficult.  What size is your room?
I have Mozart and tried several amps. They need a lot of power. Mcintosh integrated ma6600 was awesome. Also tried an old Krell KAV300i integrated, will give 400 watts into 4ohm, can get this around 1000$ now. Hard to beat an old Krell amp. Also worked well with krell KAV500. Can't go wrong with Krell or Mcintosh with VA Mozart in my experience. Krell was definitely more accurate with a lot of attack. Mac was warm and pleasant. There is a KAV300i being sold on eBay for a reasonable price. 

There is a Primare I-32 on Agon right now for $1399. A couple others sold recently around the same, depending on DAC or no DAC. 
VA loves more forwarding, assertive, amp-juicy amps. They are power hungry even they ain’t that difficult to drive to big volume.

Don’t worry about utmost transparency of the amps (the VAs wouldn’t give you that sound anyway).

I’d be careful with lower-powered Mc, but Krell or Ayre would be great starters.
Overkill for sure but I connected my Beethovens v2 to my Hegel h360 and they actually boogied! something I never thought i'd say about a VA speaker.