Best New Music Heard At CES 2010

Beyond all the new equipment demonstrated,
I always felt that one of the most fun things
about CES was all the new music that I heard
for the first time. On many occasions I would go out
and purchase what I heard and enjoy it for many years to come. Otherwise I might never had the chance to experience this music.

This would include past releases, new releases and newly reissued music - entire CDs, LPs or tapes, but also specific tracks. All genres are
equally important IMHO. I would hope that the sound quality would rate very high, but I would also be interested in those examples where performance alone was exciting enough to comment on.

Again, it does not always have to be new - maybe just some treasure or nugget that you had personally never heard before.

Please post here if you heard anything that you would like to share with the rest of us who love experiencing new music. Thanks!!!!