Best new audio cables at a reasonable cost.

I have the new Synergistic Research Element series Copper interconnects
And speaker cables ,all are active 35 volts these plug in through one of their power strips, also they have 3 tuning bullets that you can tune your system .i m using the middle grey bullett and the resolution ,sound stage
Detail and dynamics is far superior to any cables in the under $2 k
Range with ease. This new model is actually better sounding
Then the Apex which was 3 x the price 2 years ago.
I had audiomagics illusion , acoustic zen ,Kimber selects, as well as Cardas
That we're as much or more and the Synergistic Element
Just outclassed them in every respect. Please keep in mind that
I have the entry level Element model - Copper.
Definitely the new Shunyata signal cables. I have the python...simply stated...I do not think about cables when I listen to them. Combines all the best virtues of audio.
Awesome...just what the audio world was lacking, another cable

What is the point of that comment? I think the question was clear...or maybe you don't think companies need to make better products? Or maybe you are one of these guys who don't think cables make a difference?
I have both for demo the SR copper and the Python, and I think that the Python is superior. The SR has a lot of punch in the lower end, but is a little disconnected from the rest of the frequency spectrum.
With the Python you don't hear the cable, just the music.
I can 'hear' cables...... let's all just think about that for a moment. Take it to it's logical conculsions and ultimate implications.
There is no right or wrong cables...certainly cost is absolutely not a factor. All cables sound differnt in different systems. Many times the less expensive ones sound better than the most expensive ones. In MY system I had (among other cables) the Audioquest WFL Signature cables and compared them to the Sky/Everest cables, and the Sky/Everest was far better. I think that combination was great for MY system, but Anti-Cables sounded so much the same that I went for the Anti-Cables and am very satisfied.
I can hear them too. In fact mine are always screaming at me to get the carpet out from on top of them and to stop running the vacuum over them. Bunch of little cry babies with a low threshold of pain.
well how do you decide which cable to buy initially?
i use the one that came with my amp/preamp/CD.
same for power cord,
i guess if company makes expansive amps/pre amps - they include enough cables with it...

or you can read thousands of post on audiogon, and then keep on upgrading, after get some music...

It's good to know I am not alone!