Best new 70" to 80" display

Any new displays in the workings. I know that the new Elite is out there and perhaps a little pricy because it is new. I also know there will be a high end big screen comparison next weekend, 10-9.Still, I am always wondering what is on the way and how soon? I am in the market, but willing to wait for the real deal. Thanks
Pinto 72
"new Elite"? A new Pioneer Elite 70" plasma? Got a link to this information?
I think it is going to be a Sharp Elite LCD. I wouldn't get exited yet.
Not much in that range.

Sharp has their 70" LCD, and the new 'Elite' version for like four times the cost, then you have Mitsubishi with RPTV up to 90". Panasonic pro plasmas come in an 80" version but also pretty price ($20k I think)
Sorry to sound like a broken record but "Best" is in the eye/ear of the beholder. There is no definitive "best" anything, it's all subjective. When you ask a question like this, the answers will always be what folks think is "best" to them in their system.Their suggestions may or may not be "best" for you.
Tpreaves, if your like me, whenever you see that word it provokes that-hey wait a minute-in the back of the head. Subjectivity is a wonderful thing and I can't agree with you more.

Still, the people at the AVS forums are very comfortable using better and best maybe because visual resolution, brightness, and darkness, are visibly measurable and not simply a sonic trace on a scope. I honestly don't know. I do know they were very helpful and lead me to the purchase of my Pioneer 151 Kuro who's performance still amazes. A plasma display which seems to have been a benchmark product to this day and long after its production stopped.

Pinto, this is were you'll find much more experienced answers to your display questions and were subjectivity is less of an issue.
Have you considered "front projection"?
Saw the Pioneer Elite branded Sharp on Saturday, 70".

Pretty awesome. Don't recall if it was an LED or LCD. Not a plasma though.


From what I understand Pioneer is just licensing the "Elite" name to Sharp. I would be cautious before assuming that the new sharp "Elite" LCD's will be on par with Pioneer's old "Elite" plasmas.
Projection really isn't an option as my den opens to3 other rooms and the outside. It's just not dedicated enough.
In my research, I've found the Samsung LED's to be the best picture out there. My brother in law just installed a 70" model and it looks amazing.
I personally would go for a 65" plasma instead such as a Panny VT35 ect. The Elites are ok but there was a test showing that they did have color issues.

Biggest thing still is getting a calibration done on the TV to get the best picture out of it. Normally LED's are set far to bright ect when you see them in the store so a proper set up would be needed still.

Panny does make larger plasmas. They have 100" and also a 150" I believe, yet you wouldn't want to know the cost of them. I've seen the 100" and wasn't that impressed due to the lighting in the room killing the picture. A projector would have looked better in the application than that TV.
I believe Sharp has an 80" LCD now available and Mitsubishi has the 82" and 92" DLP's out.
The Sharp "Elite" has recently garnered very high praise from those that regularly review and/or calibrate such devices, a rather novel result for an LCD. Of course such results come at a premium price, and value didn't seem to be a consideration.
Having seen pretty much every display out there, including the Elite LCDs at CEDIA, the Elite is in a different class than most of them right now. It looked far better than any LCD I've seen for black level, off-axis viewing, contrast ratio, etc... There was no noticeable haloing or blooming around objects despite the use of backlit LEDs, even on fireworks.

I haven't seen it next to a VT30, but the VT30 certainly didn't have the Wow factor that the Elite did upon seeing it. It's very expensive, but it's the best out there.

The 80" regular Sharp looks really horrible I found, very bad as soon as you move off-axis at all, a little dull and washed out.
There is a new Sony that is truly outstanding. Its a 3D tv ( I don't care for 3D ) but you can turn the 3D off
I was unaware that sony made anything larger than a 65", the 929. Is this true? Thanks for everyone's responses.
Sony's largest and supposedly "best" is the 65" XBRhx929. As a long-time XBR guy, I was really hoping to like and buy it, but it left me totally unimpressed. Lots of blooming and arguably a step backward from Sony's NX line.

The PRO Elite 70 is a different animal, being a joint venture between Pioneer and Sharp. The combination of Sharp's adding yellow to the RGB pixels and Pioneer's processing and local area LED dimming (apx 6x the number of zones as the Sony) make this a pretty spectacular TV. The support is outstanding and the factory warranty is 2 years and 3 months. Although Pioneer is no longer in the TV business, this TV has been in joint development with Sharp for the past 2 1/2 years, finally out this September. The goal was to build the best TV on the planet, with Pioneer contributing lots of technology and processing power gleaned from its Kuro series.

Admittedly, this is an expensive TV and probably a bit overpriced in today's market. I've decided to go with the superior technology and larger screen, ordering my 70" Pro Elite this past weekend. I'm sure it will cost less in 6 months, just like everything else, but I don't want to wait. It is replacing a Sony 60" KDL-60A3000 SXRD TV in my living room and should be here in a week or so.

I would at least try to see this TV before making any decisions. I just found out about it a week ago!

NOT a joint venture, Sharp bought the right to use the Elite name on their TV's, Panasonic has much of the Kuro technology already.......
That's not the way I heard it - Sharp already has 60", 70" and 80" under their own brand and their TV's are VASTLY different from the PRO ELITE 60" and 70". Regardless, there is both Pioneer and Sharp technology inside the ELITEs and the performance is amazing for an LCD/LED TV, IMO.
I've heard it as Kennyt has posted. The Pioneer's Elite's that were so well regarded were plasmas, the Sharp Elite's are LEDs.
That's fine - and others have heard it as I have posted. Regardless, the point is that the Elite PROs are worth considering, or at least being used as a measuring stick against which to compare other LCD/LED TVs. Reviews have been outstanding so far.
BTW, you can call Sharp to verify my info, or look at various you-tube shoot-outs with the Elite PROs where the Sharp rep acknowledges how the sets were designed.
I want to like the 80", but every time I look at it, it sucks as a TV. Horrible off axis performance, bad screen door effect just crap.

I haven't seen the 80" Elite but will be waiting for it as I NEED an 80 wall mountable display and right now this is it.......
Fplanner2010, FYI:
I went and looked at the Mitsubishi DLP screens in both 82" and 94"; and compared to Sharp 80" in same store...both are pretty good, but I thought the picture quality was better with the DLP; more cinema like if you watch movies; sports I think is better with LCD; but it gives you an almost articfical 'sharpness' and brightness, but can't match the dlp with colors and accuracy, and speed. If you don't need to hang it flat on a wall; for thte $$$ saved; the dlp is viable option in my opinion. The Elite is quite good for its size; but its price has to be considered a factor for us real world buyers...I have the Mitsu 73" now; and am planning on moving on up...probably to the 82" 740 series; as I don't need to spend money on a front sound bar; when I have a great integrated two channel/home theater rig...can get this unit for around $2800 delivered.
SHarp had no interest in Pioneer's plasma technology.
I think this will be very informative.
Put 1 link up already. Here is another:
Fplanner, thanks for the links, very cool. It seems to me that we might be in a petty disagreement re: a marketing strategy. In the video link you provided, the speaker tells the audience that it was developed with Pioneer and Sharp engineers, and that it should be sold as neither a Pioneer or a Sharp, but as an Elite. That would suggest to me that it's quite possible, if not probable considering that Pioneer sold their previous technology to Panasonic, that the direct technology used with this LED has very little to do with the direct technology used in Pioneer's famed Kuro Pro plasma, and is newly developed. I suspect that Sharp will create a high end line, using the Elite name on other products just as Pioneer used to do, (though Pioneer did dilute that cache' somewhat). Anyway, thanks for the links, it's appreciated and I did find it interesting.
I'll say the best picture quality goes to dlp, very cinema like indeed! I love my 73738, I saw the Elite's and while nice I still favor the Dlp as my display of choice!
To my eyes, there was no comparison between the Elite and the Mits. Different technologies and different types of pictures. My preference was the Elite.
Mribob- the 80" Sharp you looked at was NOT a Pro Elite, since Elite only makes a 60 and 70. What you were looking at was just a regular Sharp TV - just to be clear.
I agree with Fplanner, but other than very expensive 3 chip front projectors, and despite the good blck levels, I've never cared for DLP.
The Pro-Elite 70" arrived yesterday. WOW!! Lots of adjustments possible to really tweak whatever kind of picture you want. Very bright, but that is easily adjusted, and nice to have it there when/if I need it. Out of the box, has a similar picture to my 46" Sony XBR-4, only bigger and more detailed. So far the TV is exactly what I'd hoped it would be. I'll probably try 3-d over the weekend.
Best of luck. I'm sure you'll get plenty of enjoyment from it. I'm envious.
Thanks - I appreciate it.

TV watching has just become a much more "immersive" event - you really feel like you're "right there". Movies are like going to a movie theater. I wouldn't have thought this possible with a mere TV, until now. I can see why they get serious coin for these sets - no regrets, so far...