Best neutral aes/ebu cable for transport - DAC

I need to connect my Theta Compli and Audiomat Maestro 2 with an aes/ebu with a cable that I will not hear... Can anybody give me a good and not too expensive recommendation? Thanks!
Hi Lubos,

regarding not too expensive, i would definitely go s/hand. Cable prices drop quite a bit and you can pick up great cables at much lower prices.

Transp Ref is a very full sound, with super low noise floor. I use Valhalla BNC cable which i bought for cents on the dollar when the opportunity arose.

Cardas Neutral pretty good too. Good luck.
I use to have Transparent Reference and it was very good but I paid $700 for it used for 1.5 M so it is not inexpensive. I would also buy used; I recently bought an Oyaide silver cable on here for $150 with WBT plugs. It is avalable on ebay new for $225 with cheaper plugs. I also use the Clearer Audio silver cable with silver WBT plugs from England, it is around $290 including shipping. They have cheaper versions I haven't tried. I think all cables have some sound, it is more a case of looking for the least coloration or the coloration we find least objectionable. After all, there is no way of hearing the music without a cable so no absolute standard is avalable.
Hi Stanwal,

serious collection of good equipment you have there!!! Apogee Duettas must be an experience...only heard the Stages and Stage Grand...whew! good stuff that could be quite competitive even today...15+ years later.

Heard the CJ 350SA amp too...good stuff. I saw you have Quintet...i like what it does...a lot. I now have Nordost QX4...have you tried?
I'm going to go for DH Labs D-110. Very happy with my D-75, and I've tried lots of coax cables.
I can suggest the Acoustic Zen MC2 AES/EBU. I am using this with the Theta Carmen II and the Theta Casanova Pre. Ordered at 1.25 m length. Very transparent with excellent resolution and soundstage.