best network switch configuration for audio

I have ceiling and walls opened for a remodel for an audio/ HT room. My primary 2 channel music listening will be streaming using Roon, a NAS and Tidal.Have decided to redo entire house (not that big) ethernet. Question is whether my current configuration of a single Cisco managed switch for PoE WAP's, streaming movies over internet, office equipment, etc as well as my 2 channel music can be improved upon.Is it better to run individual ethernet cables to each piece of equipment in HT room (only one of which is streaming 2 channel) and in 2 other "audiophile" listening and media watching areas, or is it better to run 1 ethernet cable to each equipment location and put individual switches there? Is it better to keep dedicated 2 channel ethernet isolated from other ethernet uses, and if so, how? PS. if you think none of this matters, could you give some reason other than' "It's all just 1's and 0's?"
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If you are serious about the best network infrastructure, specially for high fidelity music and audio, I highly recommend fiber.  Proper routing, switching, WAPs and AC protection/isolation are important, but having a properly designed, terminated and certified fiber core is a requirement.

We specialize in audio/video integration for custom homes, condos and yachts.  We use Cisco, Cisco Meraki and Ubiquiti for routers, switches and WAPs.  We like Furman AC products and sometimes use Ruckus WAPs for large estates with multiple structures.  We are certified for single/multi-mode fiber and do all the installation, termination, service and support.

For the investment that some of you are making in your audio/music systems, you owe it to yourself to get the highest quality network: fiber.