Best Network streamer with MQA?

Can only think of Mytek Brooklyn & Cary dms 500. Anything else out there noteworthy? 
Lumin!  Full MAQ unfold, great interface and awesome sound.  Own the D2 an should have never sold the S1!
Lumin and Aurender fan boys making their presence known.  These two are certainly among the best out there.  I own a Lumin T1 but would not declare Lumin to be best just because I own it.  I doubt if you would be disappointed with either brand.  I have heard both...and like both.  The Lumin players are network only, no on board storage..if that is an issue.  Both Lumin and Aurender have very good apps.  The Lumin will work with Roon whereas the Aurender will not...if that is important to you.  Both brands have one piece units and models that require an external DAC.  For simplicity sake I like the the models with the internal DAC.  I am really enjoying my Lumin T-1.
We have a Lumin D2 with a AudioFacts Pro modification. It even ourperforms the Lumin A1. We compared it to Aurender as well. But the D2 and Pro modification outperforms it regarding diversity (layering) in sound. This is the most important property of sound regaring the human emotion.
The Lumin X1 is comming soon. We will have it within 2 weeks. It will become a new benchmark.