Best Neil Young "Harvest" CD version?

I bought the Harvest CD when it first came out - 1985, I believe. At the time Sound Warehouse in OKC had a box 3' x 2' that held all the CDs available! I was aware they were getting the first shipment of Harvest on a specific date, but arrived in the afternoon and alll 100 copies were sold! I had to wait for weeks for the next batch.

Somewhere in the past this CD developed a small crack that sometimes affects the playback. I am 99% certain this crack was due to aging since the CD has never been physically damaged. My collection of 1,000 CDs was started in 1985 and I've never seen that before.

Regardless, I'm looking for the best pressing of Harvest. What would that be?

Also, have Tonight's the Night and Everybody Knows been upgraded since the 80's?
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I have it on DVDA. It sounds good in stereo. I haven't tried the surround mix. If you can play the original at all, you might be able to make a CDR from it.
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I'll third the DVD-A version, it's awesome!
Gee, I have SACD.

I haven't been keeping up with the DVD-A vs. SACD wars. Who's winning? or is the war over?!
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While I like HDCD it doesn't come close to the quality of SACD. I like DVDA and SACD but give the edge to SACD for almost always sounding better than it's CD counterpart and ease of use. DVDA can and does sound great at times but is harder to play and some discs just sound horrible even compared to the CD version. There is no war by the way. They can both exist and do.