Best name in audio?


I was perusing the classifieds, when I came across a tube amp I wanted to check out. But, what got me was the name of the seller - "Two Bald Guys Audio"!

Wow! I love it. I have no affiliation to this business, and have NO idea if they are good people or not. But, I will say, anyone who have the sense of humor they do are probably great guys - they don't take themselves too seriously. Audio needs more characters like these two guys.

I wish them GOOD LUCK here on Audiogon!
(hope to buy something from them one day)
These fellows are mentioned, and photographed, in the VSAC report at Positive Feedback online.

Probably a couple of dropouts from "The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire".
There are some great store names out there but I've not run into any in Audio. My wife and I were driving in the country one day and came across a hair salon named "Curl Up and Dye". Anyone else come across some cool names?
Ozfly up in Ossipee New Hampshire is a bakery named "For Crust's Sake."
Years ago I was eating at a Carls Jr. I looked out the window and next door was a Mexican food place called Taco De Carlos.

Now, I don't know if this was some kind of gag, or some dude named Carlos is making a statement about his anatomy.
There is a Chinese restaurant in CA that is called "Fok Yuen"

Happy Listening and eating!
In Santa Clara, CA (near the university), there is a fried chicken place that is officially named Cluck University Chicken Co.

The place is affectionately known as 'Cluck U Chicken' - which is shown on their varsity-inspired, block-lettered, logo.
I always liked the Sirius Turntable from Rockport as it was called "System 2 Sirius" At 800 pounds it sure was too serious :-)