Best musical sub under $1k?

I’m looking at subs under $1k. My mains are KEF LS50 Wireless. The room is about 12’x15’ and the KEFs are on a desk. The sub would go under the desk which is fairly open underneath. I’ve been looking at the SVS SB2000, even the SB12 NSD which is available well under $1k at $400, the REL T/7i and the ML Dynamo 700w sub. I don’t want anything physically large so the HSUs are out.

Thanks for any input.
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Hi   asahitoro,

   Recently I was displaying at a show that SVS happened to be at.  I went by their booth and to my surprise,  the US Marketing director was there and happened to be an old friend.... The SB12NSD is a product that we intended for Black Friday,  it is a blend of the 1000 & 2000.  Not sure how much better you'll get @ $1000, but for Under $600ish,  it seems to me to be a steal.  I'm under the impression that this model will eventually sell out and when they're gone they're gone,  You might call SVS to confirm. 
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Thanks for the replies,

Yes, the SB12 NSD does seem like a steal at $399 shipped. I think the SB2000 might be too much for my needs and I can get the SB12 for less than a SB1000. I just want something that can help the KEFs a bit when needed and again, only for music.
Hsu.  But also, you can do research here:
Thanks Erik,

I’m a big HSU fan. I have a VTF-3 MK 2 in my family room. I need something physically smaller, under 14"ish H/W/D, and I don’t see any HSU offerings that size.

I just bought the SVS SB12 NSD for $391 shipped so I’m going to give it a shot. It seems to be a good fit for what I need and the price was excellent. I got a smokin’ deal on the KEFs too so I’m a happy camper.
If you want a real sleeper the old Yamaha YST-SW160 or slightly better SW-305, they are musical subs, that have definition, not HT boom boxes, though they do have a boom (HT) switch, should you want to use it. 
And they are the perfect height for two ways to sit on.
They use twin 8" in them with linear amps, and are also servo controlled, tight, dry, very punchy and go quite low, enough to cause ear concussion.

Cheers George

Head over to the Rythmik Audio site and check out the F12 (aluminum coned driver) and F12G (paper cone), both of which sell for $940 shipped. That is their highest priced 12" sub, a number of more modest 12" are also available.

Rythmik is becoming known as a great maker of subs for music, even paired with ESL's and Maggies. Sterling Sound Mastering in NYC has three pair of the larger F15's in their monitoring systems. All Rythmiks are servo-feedback designs, and are known for their trademark "stop on a dime" sound characteristic. Uncommonly clean, tight, and punchy.

That Rythmik F12 looks nice. I can get a matte black/black cone one for $874 shipped too. The piano black and silver cone does look good but I’ll be stuffing this under a desk where it will get kicked a bit once in a while. While not by much, the Rythmik is physically bigger but that little bit will matter where I’m putting it.

I already ordered the SB12 for less than half of the Rythmik so I’m going to give it a shot. I’ll keep a bead on the Rythmik though.

Thanks again for the replies.
JL Audio D110 

Flat frequency response = musical (no peaks), 27 to 11Hz +/- 1,5db
Powerful amplifier (750 watts peak)
High level inputs and continuous phase angle adjustment for seamless integration.

I have one and love it.
The best solution is to upgrade your speakers to something else and to avoid adding sub at all.

It’s for a desktop. I think the KEFs are up there in terms of desktop performance. Sub/satellite setups can sound very good and are flexible with placement. Thanks for the reply though.
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