Best musical sub for a Triangle Celius?

Room is 25 by 35 with 10 foot ceilings. Used only for stereo. Powered by a unico hybrid int. am. (Rules out Vandersteens.)

Initial thinking: Paradigm, REL, ACI, and M-Logan.

Thoughts or experiences?
REL B1 should be on your list.
Mst the REL also has great crossover to integrate with the Celius which allows you to experiment with extending mid bass as well as low bass.

Enjoy the journey.
Mst, give the Omega Deep Hemp a look. Louis at Omega had these subs specificaly designed as musical subs. I have two paired with my Omega Super 8 XRS Alnico's, and they blend perfectly. Search "Omega Deep Hemp". Good luck
Thanks all. I have some work and research to do. Anyone ever heard or heard of TBI Magellan? Very unusual design but am told that it's very very fast and "musical," although not a HT volume generator.
Can anyone accurately define what a "musical sub" is? Probably not.
I don't know if I have a good set up or not. I have a HGS-12 and a HSU 10 inch with my Celius. The Velodyne always seems a little heavy and a bit slow. I like the Hsu, it's a light weight driver and seems a better match but doesn't go as low. I think I'd be happy with just the Hsu even though it's a very inexpensive unit. I just like the tone of it.
Thanx, Russ
I did a lot of listening. REL B series, M-L, Totem, B&W, etc.

Guess what blew everything away?

Paradigm Sub 12. The auto set up feature is a Godsend.

I was shocked. Not even close.