best musical pre/pro for about 3000.

I am currently upgrading my home theater, stereo combo setup. I have definitive technology bp2000tl speakers and a rotel rmb1095 amp. What pre/pro would you recommend that will sound great with music for around $3000.u.s. with out sounding too warm or too bright. I listen to blues, rock, folk and assorted electric and acoustic guitar pieces.
First I should say that I've not had a chance to audition very many preamps in this price range, but I'm currently using a BAT VK30SE. It's the best preamp I've ever heard at its price point. They can be found used for well under $3k. Good luck.
A used Lexicon MC-1 will set you back about $3000 - 3500. Do not even think about it - just do it - and - buy the two surround speakers - do 7.1 AC3 and sit and enjoy!!
Blue Circle BC21 Preamp / BC22 Amplifier
Adcom GFP-750/GFA-5802 can be had used or possibly a demo for about $2000 for the pair.
I'd second the Lexicon MC-1 recommendation and the notion that you could get a used one for around $3500US. Another option would be the Proceed AVP, again to be had for around $3000-$3300 used. Lexicon has a very good trade-up program, so when they come out with the next generation, you've got a pretty hassle-free way to upgrade. I own the MC-1 into Krell amplification, Dynaudio speakers - lots of rock/pop in all it's flavors, some blues and jazz to keep things interesting, and a lot of movies. The Proceed gives you an analog pass-thru channel if you're into that level of purity.
If 2 channel is what you mean by "musical" with the processing included,then EAD Encore(new) Ovation(used)Proceed,or even the BK Reference 30.The MC1 is subpar for 2 channel,but probably one of the best for HT.
I just realized you'd asked for pre/pro recommendations, so disregard my earlier VK30SE comments! The Lexicon MC-1 is probably the pre/pro to get. They can be found used for right around $3k. Good luck.