Best Musical Home Theater Speaker

I'm new to the forum and didn't quite find what I was looking for during an archive search on this topic.

I'm ready to buy a new audio system and the speakers will also be incorporated into a Home Theater setup. I listen to music alone or musical dvd's 90%.

My budget for 5.1 speaker arrangement is $5000.
My source to drive the speakers will be an AVR type receiver. Possible B&K 307.

Any thoughts appreciated, thanks.

Von Schweikert VR2s ($2,500 pr.) for the fronts and VR1s ($1,000 pr.) for the center and rears.
You seem to indicate that music would be a priority in your listening.

I would like to suggest your considering the best 2-channel system you can obtain for the same money you would have otherwise spent on a surround sound system that would most likely be of significantly less sonic quality.

You may obtain a much higher degree of listening satisfaction with this alternative and will still enjoy the occassional movie just as much if not more than with a lesser surround system.

And you'll also spare yourself the clutter that a surround sound demands. i.e. additional speakers, cables, and amplifiers.

Couple of things to add to the original post. My listening preference is rock, blues, acoustic guitar based tunes, some jazz.

Oh, yeah, and the wife would like that surround sound experience for widescreen tv viewing.

thanks in advance for the info.

Notcat2, I wouldn't discount the sonic superiority of a nice 2-channel system just yet.

If it's set up properly, with excellent equipment, and if you include a nice musical subwoofer, you will still get that 'widescreen' experience. Perhaps not to the exact same degree as having 5 speakers, but the quality of what you hear will most likely be substantially better via a better 2-channel system.

Comparing a lesser quality surround sound to a superior quality 2-channel system would be like comparing living in a nice apartment complex in the inner-city to a living in nice house in the suburbs.

Stupid analogy I'm sure as each has it's benefits. But it comes down to preferences, but there is a real quality trade-off for selecting one philosophy over the other. When you are talking the monies.

And going the 2-channel route (for now) does not prevent you from expanding to a surround sound system later if you think you still need it. The better 2-channel route now simply provides you a means of better quality now and later.

'Nuff said.

Sometimes life is filled with too many "could haves" and "should ofs".

I could have built a GREAT two channel system and then built the home theater around it. But, I was once like you new to this blood sport and uninformed. So I got great home theater speakers (Definitive Tech Towers) but I didn't know they weren't outstanding music speakers. Good but not "really good". Over time I've upgraded all my electronics - Sunfire Theater Grand III, Sony E9000ES DVD/SACD, Denon DVD 3800, Audio Research LS 16 tube preamp with bypass, interconnects, spikes, cones, upgraded power chords, power conditioners/cleaners but all I got was better soundstage and slightly better sound than my original Denon AVR 5600 and early near top of the line Sony DVD player.

So, my friend, listen to the financially worn and technically exhausted at this site of dreamers/schemers and unfulfilled chasers of grand theater and music...get a good stereo set up and go from there.

I agree with Stenho...I just have a starter 2 ch DVD system with a Bryston integrated amp, B&W CDM1nt's & a Velodyne Sub. Everybody who has watched a movie now knows that they would rather start w/ a better 2 channel system & then upgrade as the budget permits. I would go with whichever integrated amp that you prefer that has a home theater passthrough and then later add the additional amps speakers & ssp, but you will still have the flexibility for much nicer 2 channel music. Just my 2cents.

I would pick speakers that you like for music (probably the front two). The movies will be fine; just let your spouse pick the rest of the surround speakers that meet with approval for appearance, etc.
Stehno is right. Build. Start by doing 2 channel right and when you can afford it , do a centre and then surrounds. Look at Aerial 10 t s here and a matching sw 12 sub for just a little over budget. Call me after you get it set up and stop listening to your system long enough to pick up the phone. Build.
Yeah an option for you, if you are just mostly into 2 channel music listening(? DVD's?...5 ch music?...or mostly cd?), would be to maximize the 2 channel around your monitor, forget the mondo expensive AV receiver and multiple speakers possibly, and opt for a less expensive (perhaps used) aV pre/pro for movie dubties(although used on 2 channnel only), while focusing the money into the 2 speakers you like for music, adding a subwoofer to the mix, and you could be done!
The "wifey" would be more than pleased likely if you build very good quality sound from the 2 ch system, with sub and av pre/pro for proper DD/dts sound for that application I think!
Quality over quantity any day! And you said 90% I'd lean that way personally.
Hi you Guys,you are really crazy,the original post asked what kind of speakers he will buy????? you guys did not recommence one for him.Wake up my friends tell him SPEAKERS
Thanhn, he mentioned speakers, but he also mentioned his intensions, along with his music vs. HT preferences, and he also mentioned purchasing a new system. And he described why he was about to do so. And he even stated the amount allocated for part of his system (speakers).

That seemed to be enough info to offer possible alternatives.

Somebody recommended Von Schwiekerts, another Aerial 10T's (which I also own) I would recommend either.

So where's the fire?

I clicked on this thread to see what speakers are good for theater. I am quite impressed with some of the new digital theaters being used at the newest Edward's Cinemas in my area. They do music wonderfully well. I would like to build a home version in the near future separate from the two channel, ofcourse. So, lets try to answer NotCat2's question. Any good theater speakers to speak of?
I really appreciate all the feedback. I know most listeners here take their music listening seriously. I have known people over the years that would never listen to anything but 2-channel stereo. Also have a couple of friends that are slowly giving into multi-channel (3) by adding a sub.

But with that said, I currently own several multichannel produced cd's. The future of music collecton will surely include many DVD-Audio and Multi-channel SACD releases. I hope to listen to these selections as they were intended.

These would of course bring us back to the original post question. I know I could get quality musical fronts but was hoping someone would advise on system of speakers like B&W, Paradigm, even Klipsch reference. Something that would match timbre around the room.

Example: I've seen on Vienna Acoustics website where they suggest on a certain channel being matched up with a certain line of their main floorstander.

Thanks again for your time.

If you're serious about multichannel music, you're really putting yourself in a box. For a while I had matching L-C-R speakers but very non-matching surrounds, and that was just fine on movies. At that point I had something like 8:1 investment ratio in the L-C-R vs the surrounds. Then I got a few DVD-As and discovered that the good ones REQUIRE matching surrounds to be sensible. To an interesting degree this means that you have to have matching speakers, which does limit your choices.

I think I'd agree, though, with some of the others - buy into a product line that you like for music and then add the surround channels later. I won't make a recommendation but rather mention what I've used. My first system used 4 ProAc Tablette 50s and a ProAc CC1 - and it had to have a sub because the little things just don't go down below 50-60 Hz. You can get a setup like this for around your $5K, including the sub but not stands. (The Tablette 50s have been replaced by the Tablette 8, which is even more impressive.)

My current system uses Martin Logan Odyssey / Cinema / Scenarios / Descent and is far outside your $5K budget. You might start with something like Scenarios / Cinema / Grotto and then add either Script surrounds or upgrade the mains to another ML (Aeon / Ascent etc) and repurpose the Scenrios as surrounds.