Best musical amp for Infinity Speakers??

I own a pair of Omega's Infinity Speakers (85db). Looking for advice on a good musical amp and cabel for these speakers. anybody???? Indicate the price on a used amp.
I hate when somebody's question stay un-unswered. So i'll try to help. I am sure that, for power hungry Omega's, Adcom GfA-5802 would be an excellent choice. It is 300wpc solid state $1750 new...check it out!
hi Texas25, I'm mailing you from Italy, I don't know Omega model, but i have a long experience with infinity speakers (and now I own a system IRS V) I really don't know which is the absolutely best amp, but I know that Infinity brand projects and tests his speakers with audio research power amps. at the moment i drive mid-high wings with arc cl120 and i am delighted. good luck. Remo