Best music of 2017

Big Thief  "Capacity" 

Kapt. Kopter and the Fabulous Twirly  Birds   (2017 remaster, pressed @ QRP)

Feist  "Pleasure"

Valerie June  "The Order of Time"

Vic Chesnutt  "Silver Lake"  &  "West of Rome"  (2017 remasters)

Trombone Shorty - Parking Lot Symphony
Colter Wall- "Colter Wall" 
Jason Isbell "The Nashville Sound"
@ncarv  Agreed!!!
Right, slaw. Just saw his show a couple of weeks ago. Excellent!
Chris Hillman  "Bidin' My Time"
Damn you have good taste, slaw ;-) .
Gregg Allman - Southern Blood

Gregg goes out strong.
Ride- Weather Diaries
Dream Syndicate- How Did I Find Myself Here?
Filthy Animals- Invitation
Luna- Sentimental Education

On a side note, Culture Factory is releasing Rare Earth- In Concert in cd format next week. Recorded in 1972, IMO this is one of the greatest live albums of all time and has been out of print forever. 
Sorry, I meant Filthy Friends- Invitation
Marty Stuart's - "Way Out West" is my favorite from 2017 so far.
@maxnewid - I have "Rare Earth Live" on CD from many years ago. Last year I went on a hunt for a nice copy of the Vinyl in the classic "Backpack" cover. Found a really good copy at a really reasonable price. I love it! Also, their studio records - "Ecology" and "Get Ready" are outstanding. I'm a big fan.....
+1 maxnewid & reubent,

 Their lp labels are very cool as well..
I can't keep up with Marty Stuart's releases, and I try. His Fabulous Superlatives are SUCH a great band. Guitarist Kenny Vaughan was in Lucinda Williams' band in the early 2000's and has a fine solo album, and Harry Stinson is not only an excellent drummer, but a songwriter, singer and producer as well. Love 'em! Way Out West, at the top of my Buy list.

+1 on the Marty Stuart

Lukas Nelson & the Promise of Real

Tyler Childers, Purgatory

imelda may

 life love flesh blood

+1 Imelda May. Jeff Beck’s Rockabilly buddy Darrel Higham put me on to Imelda May. He liked her so much they are married!

I think QOTSA Villains is also really good.
Another vote for Imelda!