Best music in 2022

I'm a little late getting started this year.....

St. Paul & The Broken Bones "The Alien Coast"

I love this album. Wish the bass wasn't so prominent.




i checked out this group you mentioned.    the band is good....but the lead singer is hard to understand......sounds like he is mumbling. 

Green Asphalt - Swedish band with more than a nod to prog legends, Gentle Giant. Complex, thoughtful melodies, layered vocals.

Yang - Designed for Disaster - French band, with prog guitar great,  Frédéric L'Épée, with their modern take on heavy prog. Gets pretty dark and intense at times, with a touch of dissonance.

Tony Malaby - The Cave of Winds - excellent progressive jazz, with avant-garde leanings, by this NY sax player. Even thought they can get pretty out there, they don't lose sight of the melodie.

Pelkkä (Petra) Poutanen - Pyhä Veri Vuotaa - modern Finish folk, maybe loosely in the Dead Can Dance sort of realm. Haunting stuff, with beautiful female vocals. 

Scatter The Atoms That Remain - Emancipation Suite - extremely good 'spiritual' jazz. Think, modern take on what Pharaoh Sanders was doing in '69.

Adam Shead Quintet - Full Cycle, Thread New.- killer contemporary avant-garde jazz. YMMV.

Unsuk Chin – Shards of Silence, for violin and orchestra - This woman can do no wrong, IMO. Very modern sounding, yet still approachable.

John Corigliano – Triathlon, Concerto for Saxophonist and Orchestra - I am not usually a fan of sax as a solo instrument in concertos, but this one is growing on me. 


Unlimited Love by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Every element that makes them unique is in the album but their maturation is so obvious. 17 tracks and there isn't one I want to skip over.

If you like fusion this one came out recently. Just put it on this morning and I think it’ll be one I spend some time with. Treat for the ears. Recording quality is very good 

High Pulp-Pursuit of Ends


Ry Cooder & Taj Mahal - "Get On Board".

Pharis & Jason Romero - "Tell ’em You Were Gold".

Del McCoury Band - "...Almost Proud".

Punch Brothers - "Hell On Church Street".

Remastered with loads of additional material: The Beach Boys "Sounds of Summer". 

Dream Queen, Bobby Hamilton, etc. 

A very hard to find, expensive spiritual jazz, lounge act record that was pressed in very limited quantities. Reissued by Now Again, from the tape, cut by Bernie G. (whether that spins your propeller, it says they took some care). A thirty dollar record, from the label or secondary market. Title track is worth the price of admission. You'll find a place for this in your listening. 

ZZ Top “Raw”. few tracks available as samples now until the full release July 22.


Williams: Violin Concerto No.2 & Selected Film Themes. 

Dirty Shirley (self titled)

George Lynch and Dino ROCK!

Very nice production 🍻

Actually came out in 2020


IfYou haven't heard it, its new🤓

Caroline Spence "True North" 

Great talent, not so great SQ on this one though...

Catherine Russell Send For Me. Romance that swings outstanding sound and production of some great standards.


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Bonny Light Horseman "Rolling Golden Holy" 

Dr John "Things Happen That Way"

@slaw based on what you have posted you might enjoy The Heavy Heavy - Life and Life Only.  

So far one of my favorites this year.  

Weyes Blood - And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow 

Really impressed by this one so far.  



Last month in 2022. I wonder if we will see any last-minute surprises?


Happy Listening!

I rather enjoyed the season 2 soundtrack to White Lotus.  Great background music for the dinner hour.