Best music for romantic interlude

Whats type of music,gets you in the mood?
The kind of music that gets me into the mood, is whatever kind of music gets her into the mood! I'm well into the mood before we ever even make it home to the house!

Seriously, there are alot of different things that can push the button. Properly determining the "correct mood" can be a significant factor. Do you play Jeffery Osborne's "Stay With Me Tonight", or Duncan Browne's "The Wild Places", or do you go with something like Elvis's "Love Me Tender" or Ravel's "Bolero".

It's sort of like trying to catch the wind. If you put up the right sail, you are in for a great ride. If you don't, you just sit there going nowhere.

It's also a good idea to have an auto-lift, like the Expressimo Audio Lifter, so you don't have to get up when the record is over. May be quite inconvenient at the time.
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I always thought Roxy Music's Avalon was universally recognized as "the" make out album...
I need to do that!
Love Deluxe by Sade. Also, Avalon by Roxy Music. Best makeout albums in my collection.
starter disconnected years ago. LOL Never heard that one before.
Can "Tago Mago"
Jmcgrogan2,I hope you are not serious.In any case,you better not say it here,this is not for our ears.
"Moon Safari" by Air is great! Very erotic in a newer music kinda way.
Second the french group Air...great stuff....
I actually prefer no "background" music at all. The sounds of lovemaking are musical enough, at least if you're doing it right. I'm sorry, but I don't need Smokey Robinson or Billie Holiday butting in. I'll promise to devote my full attention to them later if I can devote my full attention to her now.

Oh, you mean BEFORE the interlude? In that case, I'm with Tom (Twl)--I'll play Sonny and Cher or Grandpa Jones if that's what she digs.

Vivaldi...the 4 wine...dim the lights...time to start cuttin some carpet....or movin some furniture...for those that like to get "buck wild"...James Brown can do the trick...hope somebody is gettin "some"...Lord knows I aint....
When I had a horrible hangover I listened to Eagles and than immediately ran into wee-wee-room... After that I fealt much better:-).
I guess that I need to buy some Britney Speers or Aqua albums for such ocasions;).
Probably Fourplay.  

I 've never needed music for this reason.
I'm in the camp of whatever she wants to hear,but trust me when I ask I'm holding a bottle of wine and two glasses unless she brought a girlfriend with her... then 2 bottles of wine and three glasses.
"When it comes to making out, whenever possible, put on side one of Led Zepplin IV" -Mike Damone

Depends on the girl.  If I'm with Bo Derek (as I usually am), I'll most often opt for Ravel's Bolero.
The Tubes "Don't Touch Me There"😋😎
No one for subconscious lyrical messages?

"When times go rough, won’t you lay me down in the tall grass and let me do my stuff."

- Second Hand News, Fleetwood Mac
I once French kissed a beautiful girl through the entire slow movement of Bruckners 8th symphony. A very loooong and intense kiss. Delicious. No joke. Regards jet
Love Hurts, Nazereth. 
Love Hurts, The Everly Brothers.
Well, back in the day, I agree that Roxy Music's "Avalon" was the ticket. Jorma's "Quah" album was pretty good as well. Of course, depending on the personality of the partner, Sinatra, the Grateful Dead's "Live in Europe", Moby's "Play", the Beatles, or even some old AC/DC or Nine Inch Nails proved to be successful. I guess it depends on the mood, personality, and enhancements (wine, martinis, tequila, or other vices) to determine success. For me, Bryan Ferry was the ultimate smooth guy. ,  
The Blue Nile's album "Hats" is sexy, moody and unique. It's an all time favorite of mine. Give it a listen.