Best Multichannel Amp - ???

I am looking to buy a multichannel amp that I will use for both 2 channel music listening as well as home theater. I am using Martin Logan Summits and am considering either a BAT VK 6200 or Plinius Odeon. Has anyone heard both of the amps and if so;
1 - how would you compare the two,
2 - which one is the best for the MLs,and
3 - is there a better amp at this price I should consider?

The Theta Dreadnaught should be on your very short list. It has gotten excellent reviews by many people, including Richard Hardesty who selected it as the best multichannel amp from a group that he tested about a year ago.
I'll second the Theta Dreadnaught as I considered it before I bought my Theta Citadel monoblocks for my 2 channel. It is a very involving amplifier (not as dark as the BAT on the top). If you can find one used an EAD Powermaster 2000 with 400watts by 5 channel is an amazing multichannel amp, but the Theta has lowest bass octave covered while the EAD is warmer.
While I have not heard the Odeon, I have experience with the BAT you list as well as another highly reviewed unit, the Ayre V6x. I bought the Ayre and do not plan on upgrading my HT power anytime in the near future!
I give a STRONG second to the Ayre V-6X. I have had it as well as the Theta Dreadnaught 1, and while both were truly outstanding amplifiers I opted to keep the Ayre unit over the Dreadnaught. Teamed up with a pre-amp that offers HT pass through and you truly can get the best of both worlds with either the Theta or Ayre unit. The V-6X gives you everything the renowned V-5X does and has a pass through format between its channels that make bi-amping a snap. The Ayre's don't show up used often, and after having one in my setup for over a year I can certainly understand why! I did recently sell mine, but only afer I had auditioned the Ayre V-1Xe which took the two channel listening to yet another level. I'll need to find a decent amplifer to drive the rears now, but its a trade off I'm willing to take!