Best multi outlet power conditioner/best for amps?

Just wanting some opinions from the field on your opinions of the best multi outlet power conditioner that caters to digital, source, and amplifiers in one box. Also, your feelings on specific models for just amps and other high current equipment and those for source and digital equipment. If recommending lets keep it below 1000 USD on the used market. Thanks for your insights. Dave.(Canada)
PS Audio P-500 will do it..............
It may depend on what amp you're using, but I added a RGPC, and my Krells gained noticable dynamic range. I needed a conditioner that was not current limiting.

John C.
Audio Magic Stealth , Matrix or Eclipse.The Matrix offers two iec's for splitting the digital and analogue.I use the Stealth with one iec, and have no interference problems .

I have tried the rest and they all limit current and
with it "DYNAMICS" .