Best Multi channel universal player?

Looking for A high end multi-channel universal player that is good at playing cds as well as sacd and dvds. Most higher end players are two channel but I need Multi-channel. So, far the simaudio orbiter is the winner.
The BelCanto PL-1A is comparable.

Esoteric DV60?
Be careful on the features of the various universals.

Beyond the bass management differences, there are other things to consider. For example, the Orbiter cannot adjust the individual channel levels. This is no big deal if your multi-channel preamp can do it, or if you use all the same speakers and amplifiers at equal distances from your chair. Unfortunately my pre/pro is a straight pass-through, so my Orbiter had to go too soon after arriving.

It was very nice for two-channel though. Slightly more relaxed that the DV-50 to my ears.

When I did my search I ended up making a spreadsheet to list which ones I was interested in based largely on this level adjustment [time alignment and bass management are not important to me]. Do you know which features you need? If you want, I'll try to dig my spreadsheet back up, but it might be a little dated now.

Check the features you need, if the Orbiter meets your needs, than that one listed right now is a smokin price for what you get in sound quality.

FWIW, my DV-50 from The Upgrade Company far outperforms the stock Orbiter now. But having that kind of work done on a player in this price-range is quite a commitment. The only glory is in your listening chair.

I have no regrets though, as I never thought I'd have anything as good as what I have. Something that sounds better is way out of my price-range.
Thanks to everyone that wrote and gave me more option in purchasing a multi. channel universal player. Also I would like to thank Dbld for the extra information on the orbiter. If you could post or e-mail me with your spread sheet on the other players that would be a big help. I looked at your system and I am also a big fan of Legacy-Audio, I have the focus 20/20's along with the deep impact and victoria's powered with three legacy(Coda) ultra mono blocks. If their is any way that I could e-mail or call you direct that would be a big help I have nowhere or no one to talk shop with. Thanks again and keep giving suggestions