Best multi-channel pre-amp for music under $1000?

Well, I don't listen to a ton of multichannel music, but I do want a one box solution for music and movies, 2-Channel classical music as the priority. A seperate stereo pre-amp, even with ht bypass, would be too much trouble for my girlfriend who watches most of the movies.
I do not need on-board processing, more than 6 channels, amplification or video switching. I think my ideal match is the McCormack MAP-1 (too expensive), or the sony TA-P9000es, (but I can't bear to pay higher than msrp for a used unit, unless of course you guys think its worth it). I'm wondering if there is anything under $1000 new or used that might do the job, even if its less sexy? My source is a Philips dvd963sa.
I simply love my Anthem AVM-2. Definitely under $1k and awesome for stereo!
Audio Refinement Pre5 comes pretty close.
I think the Audio Refinement pre-5 is around $999 the last time I looked.

I use the Sony ta-e9000es. It is excellent. I brought home the conrad johnson pre-amp pvl-14 (I believe), with the home theater pass through, thinking I was going to improve on my 2 channel experience and it was almost identical in sound quality to the sony processor.
There is one used on audiogon @ the lin below. I don't know this person so don't hold me responsible for any part of the transaction....however the processor is excellent and that would be I think a pretty decent price within $100.00 or so.
You should be able to pick up a used Rotel RSP-1066 for that money. The Rotel is pretty darn good for the money, IMHO.

I'll second the Pre-5 recommendation. I am using one now. I will say that you have to be sure your multi-channel source can balance all channels to your satisfaction as the Pre-5 doesn't have channel adjustment.
If you hunt a Proceed AVP can be found for just about 1000.00 and it is an excellent prepro.
Thanks for the recommendations. Re the Pre-5, Channel balance is no problem, however, does this thing have 3 total sets of l/r pre-outs? Are there any differences between them?
Boldstrummer, that created a bit of confussion for me as well. My unit has one set of l/r outs and one set of 5.1 outs. The stereo outs output the same signal as the mains of the 5.1 set of outs. Since I don't have rear amps at this time I am running he-rez in two channel mode and I use the l/r outs to my sub.
The remote is a solid YBA remote. It offeres fine adjustment of the volume, source select, power, mute and other YBA/AR components.
I reviewed the AR Pre5 in the May 2004 issue of Stereophile.
Can anyone out there sonically compare the Audio Refinement Pre5 to the Sony TA-P9000es? How much better, if any, is the McCormack MAP-1? I don't think I can audition any of these...
I bought the MAP-1. It replaced an Audio Research LS2B. It is quite simply, at $2,500, a steal! And it does not have a bunch of needless electronics inside that can veil the sound of a good stereo source. Additionally, once you hear the MAP-1's ARM music surround mode, you will probably never listen to 2 channel the same way again.
$2,200 seems to be the going price for a MAP-1 from McCormack. Though it has many limitations, its beautiful sound lies in the fact that it does not have a bunch of extra crap to muck up the sound. No digital inputs, no video switching, no decoder chips (DAC's or ADC's). It's the closest thing to a straight wire with gain that I have ever heard.