Best Multi channel amp under $2,000 used or new

Want some ideas on the best multi channel under 2k. I'm looking to power my new hyperion speakers. Any thoughts, insights, or ideas would be great. The application si for 50% 2 channel and 50% 5 channel. Thanks in advance.
Some options would be Proceed Amp5 with the caveat that service for Levinson sourced gear has been spotty at best lately, also EAD Powermaster, Bryston 9Bst, or possibly Krell showcase or even the Sunfire. These should all be in your price range used. If you can stretch the budget a little I would strongly recommend the Theta Dreadnaught.
Parasound a51, best I have heard in that price range. For about half that much the Parasound 2205 is stellar as well.
Did someone mentioned the Parasound A 52? This is one of the finest multichannel power amps that you can have.
Rcrerar, Macdadtexas and Chatta-thanks for the input. I've looked at most of these except the EAD so I'll give that one a look. I like the Proceed but have concerns about spending almost 2k for a amp who's company is out of business. I like the parasound and for the $ they're hard to beat. Again, thanks everyone.
Transnova-thanks. I like the 1000 watts. I can get a Arcam p1000 7x125w that's newer and the same price. What do you think?
I have not heard the Arcam.I heard one of there receivers a few years ago and it sounded nice.

All things being equal,more power never hurts(except maybe the electric bill).I have had the 120 wpc X 5 Rotel 1075 and the 1095 is a big step up!!! It throws a larger soundstage and is more extended both top and bottom than the 1075.Bass is deeper and tighter.The big Rotel rivals the best solid state amps that I have had in my main theater system driving my Canton Karat M-70 speakers(and matching center).These amps include the Threshold t-400,Aragon 8008BB and 8008 X 3,Hafler 9505 with a bridged 9130 for center and 9300 for rear channels.
BTW,the 1075 is a very good amp(for about $600 used).It's just that the 1095 is superb!!!
I am picking up a 7ch Sherbourn and running it off a Krell HTS 7.1 and Oppo 83.I will let you know how it sounds.
Your best bet is EAD power master 1000 I see currently on sale in Audiogon. I have it for 5ch and 2ch - exelent amp.
Wyred 4 Sound has 220w per side five channel amp for 1999.00 and a seven channel for 2395.00. These amps produce virtually no heat and have excellent bass and are not bright or aggressive in the upper mid/lower treble like many amps. I am using an ST500 in a 2 channel system and have been impressed by the performance.
Fringe idea:
Outlaw 7500 5x200 for about 1600 or

5 @ M2200 which is there monobloc. This is also about 200 watts.
Balanced inputs here, too. <300$ per when buying a bunch.
Parasound 2205 any version is a great great amp for the money and easily competes with others that are way more expensive. This amp has a very nice sound, great bass with plenty of power when its needed. In my opinion its a classic and one to hold on too!!!!! SR65
Anthem A series. They have a very fast and smooth personality. Destroyed the Adcom that I had. It is Much more pleasing to listen to for long periods. I also had an NAD218 that was fantastic but limited due to being a 2 channel amp. I wanted to match my front sound stage. The Anthem Gives me most of what the 218 had. A little better on top but a little shyer bass.

I have also heard Parasond, Rotel,and B&K amps in this price range. I would prefer the Anthem.