Best Multi-channel Amp for Tyler Acoustics Speaker

I am thinking of getting a HT System built around the Tyler Acoustics Woodmere II's. Music is a secondary concern. Cost must be US$5K or less. Any recommendations?
Music is secondary...WOW :)

Does BAT make multichannel amps? The VK200 worked great with my Linbrooks. I have heard your Woodmeres in the early stages of development. Ty was trying to fine tune them when I was in town one weekend. Ty is a close friend and I used to live in Owensboro. It was fun me listening while he was changing parts out. He ended up with a completely different crossover network I think.
Buy directly from Cullen Circuits. I have his Wyred 4 Sound 250w/ch x 7 and it's great for HT.
I owned a Cary Cinema 5 with 5 Tyler Linbrook speakers and found it excellent. Finesse, delicacy, and power/dynamics all fantanstic. It compared very favorably with the same speakers to 2 channel amps from McIntosh and others.