Best multi channel amp and processor good for 2 channel listening.

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I am new to this forum and have a few questions in reference to HT processors.  I am starting from scratch and switching from a Krell S-1000 and S-1500.  I sold the processor a few months back and I going to list here the amp.

I am currently considering the new Bryston 9B3 and the SP4 and decision was based on upgrade ability and warranty. The speakers for HT will be Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home and for 2 channel Verity Otello’s.  My second choice was Classe but I was informed that they have all sales on hold, this is concerning.  I have not listened to either, my choice is based on reviews and the Bryston dealer.  My decision was also based they are both good for two channel, I am not set on this but it will help the budget and space.  I am looking for a warm and good over all sound; some might say 3 dimensional sound, clarity is also a factor.  Actually, all I’ve read in reference to Classe fits the bill.  I would like a couple of other choices to include in my short list and opinions are welcome. The budget for the processor and amp is approx. 22k.  

Thanks to all.....
One really good option if you want a "pure silver" cable is the Audio Sensibility "Signature Silver" interconnects.  It uses all OCC solid-core silver conductors (20/22/24 awg sizes).  I used to run these in my system before I went to all copper.  It is in Canada and lists CAD prices.  A 1 meter XLR pair would be about $1,000 USD.  For the money, I don't think you can get a better "pure silver" cable.

However, I would not recommend their Statement and Impact lines because they do not use solid-core conductors.  Their Impact line actually sound pretty crappy (even though it uses OCC copper).  I have tested that in my system.

To answer your question, it depends on your amps and whether or not your AC line & wall outlet(s) have been upgraded or not. If your amps aren’t high current amps and don’t consume that much you can plug it to your Furman. What kind of amp(s) do you have?

In one of my dedicated reference stereo setup I have a pair of Naim Statement NAP S1 monoblock amps and these are very high current amps so they are plugged directly to the wall but I have dedicated lines and all the lines and wall outlets & circuit breakers in my listening rooms have been upgraded to much higher amperage and using high quality and upgraded witings, higher grade circuit breakers, etc, etc. So only my Naim Statement NAP S1 monoblock amps that are plugged directly to the wall since these amps can burst into 6KW (6000 watts) into 1 ohm per channel, and the rest of my gears are plugged to my Shunyata Hydra Typhon NR Triton combo products. The toroidal transformer power supply of these amps are about the size of a Mini Cooper wheel and the amp has the largest power supply capacitors you will ever see. Each amp (each channel) weighs about 235 pounds per channel. 

In my other reference stereo setup I have 2 pairs of Audio Research Reference 750 SE vacuum tube monoblock amps both-amping the Sonus Faber Aida ll speakers and these amps are plugged directly to the wall since these are also very high current amps and the rest of the equipments are plugged to the Shunyata Hydra Typhon QR Triton combo products. Been major works done with all the AC lines and wall outlets in this listening room too.

But in my dedicated reference theater room I have 2 AQ Niagara 7000 power products. Everything are plugged to them except my 2 JL Audio Gotham subwoofers that are plugged directly to the wall. All my big Classe Delta series class AB amps are plugged to the two AQ Niagara 7000. I have 3 big Classe Delta CAM600 class AB monoblock amps driving my front LCR speakers, 2 Classe Delta CA-2300 class AB stereo amps driving my surround speakers and an NAD M27 seven-channel amp driving my 6 height ceiling speakers for Dolby Atmos setup. So everything including the preamp processor, Oppo 205 player are plugged to two AQ Niagara 7000.
All the AC lines and wall outlets circuit breakers have been worked on.
Thanks @Cahill,

Appreciate the overview, very helpful. You have some amazing setups! Sounds like you have done some great work with your AC lines.

I currently have the Luxman 509X integrated. It’s plugged into the wall right now, but may go through the Furman at some point to compare. Prior to this I had the McIntosh MC452 and that was direct to the wall.

Those Naim monoblocks are insane and have some serious power!
The Accuphase has good reviews but I don’t think I have where to audition it in Florida.

Ivan from Legend Audio Video in Florida has the entire line of Accuphase. Check out the Audio Afficionado Forum which is hosted by Ivan...