Best Multi-channel amp also good for 2 channel

What in your experience is the best multi-channel (say 5) power amp that can also double duty for critical 2 channel listening?
Krell HTS 5, gets my vote,lot's of choices though

good luck

A Linn 5125 is designed for music as well as HT and can be found regularly on the used market at Audiogon for a good price.
I would suggest that you get a processor that sounds good for HT and multi-channel music, and get a separate 2-channel pre-amp with a HT passthrough for 2 channel critical listening. You can find a good used 2-channel preamp with the HT passthrough that will sound better than many high dollar processors that try to do double duty. In my case I have a Krell Showcase and a Bel Canto Pre-2P and I am very happy with my 2-channel and HT performance.
Ead Powermaster 2000 gets my vote. It's what i'm using and couldn't be happier. Bought this amp a few years ago as a 2 channel amp with the other channels as a bonus. I for once have no desire to upgrade and just buy music :) Drives my B&W Matrix 802 Series 3's without breaking a sweat. When paired with a ead signature dac and a decent transport it's all i need to transport me into music nirvana. Also does theater great as well. It's a terrific bargain used...if you can find one to.