Best multi-channel 5/7 power amp for Home Theater

I have a Onkyo Pro SC-885 pre processor and it sounds really good with my Parasound 2205A 5 channel power amp(220x5). The parasound is rather old and I would like to upgrade it....Any suggestions......

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I love the Parasound that that you have, I don't really think you are going to get a huge leap forward with anything newer, unless you went way up in price. I think the 2205 sounds every bit as good as the A51 they make, and better than almost any multi channel amp I have heard. Amps have just not changed that much, unless you move to an ICE amp.

You could add a seperate front end amp for music and keep the Parasound for center/surround channels only??
I agree with MAC DADDY
Going with a XLR processor and digital amps cleans up the HT
In response to Somec59, one issue is my Onkyo pro is full XLR and the Parasound is only RCA. And I like Ericjcabrera's Idea of the Sunfire Signature power amp. I have heard alot of great things about it. I also like the two sound options for the speaker hook-ups. About the cleaning up issue, I am installing a new Synergistic Research QLS9 outlet strip tonight for my full Tesla set-up, Accelerator bi-wiring all around,4-T2's,T3,Precision AC and Quattro with 12 leads to the active sheilding. It replaced a PS Audio Quintescence. I will then cap it off with a S.R Powercell for conditioning. Maybe I will wait to hear the system with the QLS 9, then the Powercell and after re-evaluate the amp issue. Thx all for your suggestions, till next thread....

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I'll second the Sunfire Signature power amp. It drives my center and rears for movies extremely well today, with tons of power to spare. Years ago, when I used it for my front speakers, the 2 different sound output options made bi-wiring my speakers a no-brainer and the sound was amazing for my investment. I've got all Synergistic wiring as well - you're in for a treat, especially if you add the Sunfire. I've had mine probably 4-5 years now and never had a problem - never gets hot(or even warm!!) and always dependable.
To Fplanner2000,

Do you have the 405x5???? Cuz I am running Paradigm Signature S1's(all gloss black), C1, ADP1's. They are getting 220x5 with the parasound. I do think 405rms is too much for 175-225 power handling. I do like movies and music very loud. Unless more power reserve is better....what do you think???? ALSO: Which S.R subwoofer cords are you running???? I need to upgrade mine......

Yes, I have the 405x5 into 8 ohms. More power in reserve is always better, especially in light of how you prefer to listen. This amp won't strain no matter how hard you drive it - it will also work with other speakers you may decide to get further down the line(power doubles into 4 ohms, for example).

I am using the Reference sub ICs for my sub - pretty impressive after a relatively short break-in period.