Best Multi CD Deck

I have a Yamaha JukeBox type CD player. I think it holds like 100 CD's and will play all, random, etc. I have to admit I like the ability to play 5-6 CD's at a time. Is there higher quality CD players that accomodate 6 CD's?
Anthem CD1 hands down the best multi disc player made. it's slow and clunky switching CD's, but blew my single disc player out the door.
Also, a Rotel RCC-1055 is av ery musical carousel changer. - 5 CDs.
Sony 595, often available for $60 as a refurb on SonyStyle. I have hi end other players, all single. The 595 gives them a run for their money. Try one, what have got to lose.
iPod or music server.
I concur on the Anthem CD-1.
From another thread:

11-14-11: Winoguy17
Buco, with all due respect, it's time to stop beating that Sony 595 horse. It is not available on that site and has'nt been for a long time. Based on your unabashed love for it, I can honestly say I have tried SonyStyle at LEAST 250 times in the last couple years and they have never had one. Let 'er go boy, she's dead...
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The Don Allen modified Marantz changers are very good.