Best movie to see what your HT AUDIO will do.

I recently watched U571 in blu ray and have to say, wow! I had't seen this movie since I made several substantial upgrades and it knocked me out. It struck me because I've been watching a lot of movies recently that are full of sci-fi type effects,The Avengers, Iron Man 1,2,3 Star Trek, etc. Hey, I like action movies. The new Superman audio was very good and the newest Die Hard audio was good as well. Maybe U571 struck me because it was more potentially real sounds versus a planet exploding, etc.

What movie do you put in, old or new that makes you still say WOW! about the audio portion of the movie?
Super 8 is a great one too

Good Listening

Peter...this time, you beat me to it. Yes, Super 8 is my go to movie for this.
As far as scenes go, Flight of the Phoenix, sandstorm/plane crash scene, is my LFE demo clip every time.

Entire movies, hard to argue with Transformers series.

Depends on what you want to show off. If it's sheer thrust of the LFE and subwoofer, then U571 is a classic with the depth charges. Super 8—the train wreck scene is another great demo for that. An unheralded dark horse is the Tom Cruise war of the worlds. My goodness, the bass there is earth shattering (no pun intended).

For nuances and surround effects, A agree with Transformers and will add the Star Wars movies, Lord of the Rings, and the Marvel movies like Avengers, Thor, and Iron Man. Surprisingly, Avengers isn't an LFE demo-worthy movie like the others. Some scenes in Thor—like the throne room and Ice Giants battle scenes are great.

And last but not least, don't forget the home theater classic demo—The Fifth Element.

There's lots to enjoy :-)
I like Blackhawk Down. The only thing missing is the wind from the chopper blaades bowling me over.
I would add any of the Pirates of the Caribbean, all are amazingly well done sonically.
James Bond's "Goldeneye" had some terrific, big screen visuals and IIRC some dramatic audio as well. And, it's a Bond flick!
I second the Blackhawk Down from M297904. What a great scene and what a great demo that makes!
Triple X. I like the whole movie, but I've shown the avalanche scene about 15 times or more.
Master and Commander is the best I've heard to date to show how good (or bad) any system is performing. I think this is because so many of the sounds are so familiar to us all, especially the weather sound f/x. For an old audiophile who has tested 2-channel systems with Telarc's canons on their nefarious 1812 Overture, it seems that good there is enough bombardment in M & C to really see how realistic one's TV system can sound. I'm running a Pioneer SC-27 with Ice amps to an all Infinity Interlude system that includes a 12" self-powered sub in each of the 2 fronts. The room correction feature is very good, especially after tuning the subs with their own RABOS toolkit, but I need access to a lot of ballistics to point out things that rattle and shake in the house to keep everything sounding good.
Prometheus was called as the best Bluray in sound and image in 2012. It is stunning in the low freq.
"Last of the Mohicans" (1992) directed by Michael Mann.
Spacious, airy Dolby soundtrack. Really good!

Even the plot holes in Prometheus look great.
In addition to U571, which as indicated would be my go to, especially if I was a "subwoofer salesman", but I would also add "Cowboys and Aliens" to the above suggestions.
I second Masters and Commanders, not just for the cannons, but also the creaking deck, weather etc. However, I do have a problem with some of the 19th century "surgery".
Another vote for Master And Commander mainly because of the native 7.1 sound track. Foley sound is such a stunningly underrated art form and in this film they are extremely well done.

I know what a cannon sounds like in real life but the sound of a spaceship blowing up in space is still a mystery to me.

How many Gladiators can rock the Violin?
I'm going to put it to the test (as a test disc) again on Monday night, as my HT system is getting an upgrade. UPS is bringing the last two maple platforms I ordered from dawnsplatforms on ebay. I have made major improvements to my 2-channel system by putting platforms under each component and separate power supply. UPS split the shipment and I only got one today, a 12"x12"x3" butcher block that I installed on mapleshade isoblocks to support the Lilliputian set-top box provided by ATT/Uverse. The receiver rests on triceratops bearclaws.The missing ones are a pair of 20"x15"x3.5" monsters to fit under the Blue-Ray player (currently a Denon BD3810, sometimes bring in the OPPO 95 from the stereo)and a Pioneer Elite SC-27 receiver.

While seriously disappointed that my project can't be completed until Monday, I am heartened by the improvements made already to the sound(Dolby Digital 5.1, compressed from ATT) and especially the video that comes from giving their crappy little mass-produced receiver a proper platform. The alien scenery in a recent episode of Dr. Who was breathtaking in the vast complexity of orbiting bodies swirling past an outlook point and triggered an attack of my own fear of heights. Colors are more vibrant and details are more precise. I can't wait to see what platforms do for Master and Commander after I get one under the Denon and the receiver.
Apollo 13. It has scenes that will test your system both for bombastic sound and subtlety. Plus it's a wonderful film.
Master & Commander gets another vote. The sound is totally immersive. All of the minor ambient sounds are presented in great detail. Every time I watch that movie, I expect my house to be in total shambles and drenched in water when I turn the lights back on. You get a real feeling that you are actually on that ship.
Master & Commander indeed...a favorite of many HT Installers. The first scene in Saving Private Ryan is revealing and will illicit involuntary ducking for cover if right.
Another good one is the pod race in Star Wars Phantom Menace. Truly a good work out and test of the system...Star Trek too..the last two releases especially
Ditto on the first scene from Saving Private Ryan.
Master and Commander and Saving Private Ryan for exactly the reasons mentioned above. If you really want to show off the low end, then I'd also suggest War of the Worlds.
My goto HT tests have always included Fantasia and 2001 a Space Odyssey. The "Night on Bald Mountain" in Fantasia will definitely let you know what your sound system can, or can't do. Ditto for Kubrick's film, which combines wide angle shots with a Strauss soundtrack.

I also like using The Battle of Britain. There's no CGI rubbish. The engine roars and machine gun fire are both very realistic at high volumes.
if you like u2 the rattle and hum blu ray in 6.1 dts sounds awesome
I second the motion for War of the Worlds(awesome bass, alien sirens) and Master and Commander(cannon shots).
I like the shoot out scene in Book of Eli when Denzel tries to walk away and the bullets go flying past his head. If your surrounds are set up correctly its pretty amazing bass with objects moving from the left to right. One of my personal favs.
How about the drum dance scene from house of flying daggers?
Another great movie for surround is "Hero" , also great story and movie.
An amazing DTS Master Audio bluray is Battle Los Angeles. Superb silent/loud scenes for total surround effects, helicopter scene with air gun shots, ground battle explosions from aliens is very solid with huge impact. All around great test for audio...........