Best Movie Soundtrack

I own a few soundtracks (At first sight, message in a bottle and Amadeus)and would like to know what other soundtracks might be good ones as well
Toy Story - Randy Newman
Princess Bride - Mark Knopfler
Get Shorty - John Lurie
Waiting to Exhale
Blues Brothers
Repo Man
“Yomutha” on Brother from Another Planet
Pulp Fiction
Hope Floats...really. Tracks by Bryan Adams, Garth Brooks, Bob Segar, the Stones...

great for sharing a glass (or bottle) of red wine with the one you love (or hope to be by the end of the cd)...

Message in a Botttle and City of Angels are good bets as well. Rain Man has some cool tunes on it. For the Love of the Game is enjoyable as well.
Excellent thread! Here are mine:
1. Ascent the Scaffold (Miles Davis)- not only is this a very sexy soundtrack, it is an undeservedly neglected Jazz masterpiece. The CD (Fontana) sound is just okay, however, soundtrack has been re-released on Vinyl (a must, esp. for Miles Davis/Jazz afficianados)
2.The Big Blue: skin-tinglingly good. I only wish they would bring out a 24/96, SACD or vinyl remaster
3.Diva: uses a few tracks from the opera La Wally, but the title music by Vladimir Kosma is quite beautiful (nice reverb effect). Other pieces on soundtrack can be skipped over
4. Lost Highway (esp.David Bowie tracks)
5. Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (chinese compositions with David Bowie vocals)
6."White-Heat" by Jazz at the Movies Band: a collection of Film Noir soundtracks. An LP was recently released which is better than the CD. Again, mandatory for Jazz fans
8.Eric Korngold and Rosza movie scores
Many more - these are a good start.
Thanks to all for sharing.
If your talkin' about a good compilation of enjoyable music, then I dig: "Repo Man", "Pump Up The Volume" and "Married To the Mob"
I finally located a copy of "Diva" and it is every bit as good as I remembered. Still searching for a copy of "Black Orpheus".