Best movie for subwoofer test ?

What is the best movie or movies to test subwoofer.
thank you.
Transformers is a good one.

If you do decide to try this movie, be careful when it gets to Chapter 19.
Master and Command!!
"The Perfect Storm"
Here are some good ones:

The Incredibles(DTS) - lots in movie - excellent mix
Pulse - Terminal scene - constant low-end vibration
War Of The Worlds(DTS) - Pod in ground
Monsters Inc(DTS) - Excellent mix all around
U571(DTS) - Depth charge scene
Titan A.E(DTS) - Space fight scenes
Master & Commander(DTS) - Ship cannons
Top Gun(DTS) - Dogfight scenes - jet engines
L.O.T.R Return Of The King(DTS) - Mammoth fight scene
Star Wars(Phantom Menace) - Anakin pod racing

Have FUN!!!!!!
My favorites:

Master and Commander
Airforce One

Turn it up to 11 and batten down the hatches!
Twister! The first five minutes will really give your system a test.
Congo is amazingly musical with tons of African drumming. See if your system really does blend well...
Transformers for sure

...and we've been amazed by the most recent Die Hard movie - Live Free or Die Hard - lots of pants fluttering bass
thanks everyone i will try them all..will report back if my sub survived the assault.its a velodyne spl 1000r
If you can get past the way the movie is shot, Cloverfield will really test the limits of your subwoofers.
There is a massive list of sub heavy movies on the site. They even cite the chapters etc.

Go to the forums section called Subwoofers/Transducers and you're off to the races.
I find War of the Worlds with the scene of the spaceships when they first appear to be the lowest note I have ever heard through my sub. Lots of movies have explosions but this is more like a pipe organ the size of a large building.
Master & Commander/Far Side of The World.
War Of The Worlds

The complex soundscape of M&C will give an entire surround system a real work-out, especially the sub - the LFs plumb the depths on all sorts of things, including, of course, cannon shots and explosions. If the sub doesn't spit the bit on M&C then it's passed the test.

If the sub sounds like undiferrentiated low rumblings on these different movies, forget it, it ain't good enough. You should be able to tell the depth charges from the cannon shots from the rumbling spaceships.

Alos like
1) the opening chapeter to The Fellowship of the Ring, and "Battle of Helms Deep" from The Two Towers

2)Chapeter 11 (T-Rex Attack) from Jurassic Park

3)King Kong, the battle with the T Rexs', is about the best I can think of from any movie as far as a sub workout.
I think The Incredible Hulk takes the cake up-to-date. Everything to foot stomps , helicopters, gun shots, and the main strip fight scene. Just awesome........
NOT a movie, but the Telarc recording of Wellington's Victory is amazing. 12lb cannon recorded LIVE. 1st time I turned this up, a woofer from a friends (former) system ended up 3 feet away, on the floor face down and connected back to the speaker by a little curly cue of wire.
War scenes in Saving Private Ryan;especially the landing at the beaches with tracer fire you can hear going front to back by your listening position;also german 88's as they open fire.
'Das Boot'.
Earthquake...No contest! Earthquakes can generate frequency waves far below the range of any subwoofer? But it's nice to hear them try and handle it.
Ironman gets some pretty serious bass.
hi quality dvd version of Chronicals of Riddick
The one I use to impress my friends is Serenity. When the rocket engines fire, you get pants flapping bass.

A more subtle, but still cool use of the sub is The Fifth Element.
The opening song intro for "The Inside Man" is a great sub demo. There is bass there that a lot of people would never even hear without a great sub.
the new Jolie flick Wanted has some great LFE

as does Hellboy II
and Kill Bill I & II

and the Police Certified has great low end
Best demo disc for sub-woofer is Live Free or Die hard. When I play this, guests ask me if I have something wired to vibrate the couch. I do not -- it is the subwoofer shaking the room. The great thing about this soundtrack is that there are rapid fire bursts that really demonstrate the capability of a quick and articulate sub-woofer. It'll have your shirt flapping!

I'm not a fan of the Police: Certifiable. Yes, it does have lo end for your sub-woofer, but it is the dull thump kind, not well articulated bass.
The Dark Night - has a continuous bass growl. Check it out you will not be disappointed. Well at least from the sub test.
The Dark Knight , the whole room vibrated through half the move seemed like.
My best pics have already been listed.

Just wanted to add that for me the biggest audio difference between SDVD and BDP is bass response in Dolby True or DTD-Master.