Best mono cartridge

please give me a good advice for a very good mono cartridge for my vintage LP.
The Lyra Helicon mono is regarded very highly by a lot of people, and I've heard that the Titan is available in mono on special order.

At more modest cost are the Grados, all wood bodied versions of which can be wired for mono on special order plus their mono MC+ and ME+ cartridges.
Love my Helikon mono. I've been playing with my Benz Ruby 3
alot lately to see if I can optimize it's playback to be
on the same level. With a mono record, the Helikon is
much more dynamic and authoritative. Generally, I would
describe the Benz as more mellow but others who have heard
my system described it a brighter (I would not describe
it as such).

In any case, the Helikon is wonderful.